Every type of curly look requires its own technique and tools, whether it’s a sexy, bouncy style or a crown of beach waves. But the editors at MODERN SALON firmly believe a straightener is the one essential you need to create a plethora of beautiful curls and coils on your guests.

How exactly should you be wielding your straightener for different styles? As it turns out, sometimes even salon pros need a little bit of inspiration.

“My flat iron curls used to be a disaster,” shares Shannel Mariano, a cutting specialist and educator based in Phoenix, AZ. “It was new to me. I was so used to my curling iron. Each section would look horribly inconsistent – and not even in a cute way. I’d have to keep going back to redo sections.”

One trick finally helped Mariano nail curls and waves. “The biggest thing that helped me was taking the time to pay attention every single detail of what I do on the first curl and visualize those details as I curl the rest of the sections,” she says.

The stylist also loves to use her cord-free Dyson Corrale™ straightener for easy maneuvering around the head. “The flexing plates hug each section preventing hair slipping out while styling. This allows me to do less passes with the iron, use less heat, and therefore, less damage on my hair and my client’s hair.”

Watch how Mariano curls her own hair using the Dyson Corrale™ straightener:


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“Point the iron up, down, or sideways. Twist once, twice, or more. Pull down all the way through or not. Try curling in a different direction. Curl all the same way, alternate, or do them all different,” she explains, noting how distinct movements can create a variety of looks.

Here's another technique for easy volumized curls:

“You can set the hair with more brushes, so they sit longer,” Mariano says. “You can even use clips or rollers …or maybe try not setting the curls at all.”

If retro waves are more your vibe, Mariano has a tutorial for that too:

The point: Have fun experimenting! With the right tool, you can put your spin on any curl shape and create a head full of luxurious texture.

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