Top Shelf: David Kinigson's "The Haircutter's Handbook"
Top Shelf: David Kinigson's "The Haircutter's Handbook"

The Book: The Haircutter's Handbook
Written by: David Kinigson
Published by: Authentic Cutting Education
Foreward by: Vidal Sassoon
Reviewed by: Mary Brunetti

SALON TODAY: What is this book about?

Mary Brunetti: This is a leave-no-stone-unturned haircutting Bible, a handbook complete with technical explanations, glossary and language for every salon professional, and so much more. It is written by David Kinigson, who has not just proven himself an excellent educator technically, but also clearly proven himself a critical thinker. His thinking, as revealed in this book, will transform not just your thought process as you go about your day in the salon, but also how you think about how you perform in the salon on a daily basis, therby redefining your place in our industry. 

ST: What did you like best about the book?

Brunetti: I immediately liked the path the book took me on, pivoting from technical and turning the page in your mind to the philosophical...thereby not just training you technically but training your brain to think about what you are thinking about, in a more enlightened way--that's pretty darn genius!

David Kinigson, the author of The Haircutter's Handbook.

David Kinigson, the author of The Haircutter's Handbook

ST: For you, what was the biggest takeaway message?

Brunetti: The section on page 164 titled 'What is the job?' It actually made me, after 48 years, walk into my salon and see it with fresh'll see!

ST: Why would you recommend this book to peers, colleagues and team members?


It is the best training guide and most concise manual I have ever read or seen. Everything is wonderfully explained so it is not only easy to learn from but if you are a salon owner it is easy to train from. David completely takes the onus of writing an extensive training manual off of you, and if you already have a training manual this is the perfect companion to fill in any blanks that may have been missed. David has explained the language of what we do in a way that translates to every stylist, at every  level, across the country.

If you feel you or your stylists have become lulled into complacency or fallen into a rut where everything is learned by rote with no forethought, care or creativity, reading Davids handbook from front to back will put you on the right path…enjoy the journey!

Copies of the book can be found at and Signed copies and beauty school or team discounts can be requested to the author's email at 


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