Achieving an even color correction on a client who is looking for a change can be tough. If you’ve ever struggled to provide consistent, even coverage when lightening a base for a client or if you’re dealing with previously dyed, damaged hair, it is worth trying to get a complete hair history from your client in order to provide the best service, and, importantly, to keep the hair as healthy as possible.

If you’ve ever seen Shawna Russell’s (@hairbyshawna_russell) Instagram page, you know that she gets real about why total color transformations can take so long. This color specialist not only showcases her beautiful blonding work, but also addresses the importance of the proper process, time, and tools you need in order to keep your clients’ hair healthy. One of her go-to products is Schwarzkopf Professional®’s FIBRE CLINIX™, a skincare inspired line of repair therapy for color treated and heat damaged hair. FIBRE CLINIX helps restore inner and outer hair structures up to 10x, and seals hair porosity giving you healthier, stronger hair while you work to achieve an even canvas.

FIBRE CLINIX combines two technologies to repair and strengthen hair: one that targets inside the hair shaft, and one that works the outside. Simon Ellis, Schwarzkopf Professional Corporate Vice President and International Creative Director, explains, “The triple bonding technology can access the deepest layers of the hair and create a three-dimensional network that connects the bonds inside the hair, actively closing the hair’s inner hair structure…The second technology targets the outer layer of the hair. Thanks to C21, we’re able to fundamentally protect the outer lipid layer of the hair’s cuticle.”

Russell uses FIBRE CLINIX to treat color damaged hair when trying to achieve new color for a client. She explains that with especially long hair, she asks the client’s hair history for the last five years. In her demo, she highlights her model – who is seeking a blonde balayage treatment – has base level 6 virgin roots, red dye and a blonde balayage at the ends, and black dye from the mid-length all the way to the ends, all from the last three years. For a dramatic hair change like this, the process takes several months – with FIBRE CLINIX treatments provided throughout – as she’s conscious not to layer too many lightening services at once.

Russell used different Schwarzkopf Professional IGORA colors for different sections: Vibrance 7-1 mixed with 7-24 on the darker sections, and 9-0 mixed with 9.5-4 on the blonder sections. She also treated the hair with FIBRE CLINIX Fortify Booster and FIBRE CLINIX Tame Booster to combat dryness and frizz. The result is an even, consistent, healthy coloring. Without taking the time to treat previously dyed hair with a FIBRE CLINIX repair treatment, the already dry, damaged hair would become even more damaged with the new color application. FIBRE CLINIX helps to enforce the inner bonds for stronger and more vibrant hair post color service.

After an at-home Vibrancy FIBRE CLINIX regimen, which helps to lock in the color for up to 90% color retention, Russell sees her client again. When the client returns to Russell, her hair is a bit brassy and dry with the previous pigment exposed again, but still, it is even making it an easier palette to work with, and Russell can complete the blonde balayage look while maintaining the integrity of her client’s hair. Russell spot treats with toner and a FIBRE CLINIX treatment, while emphasizing that her client can’t lighten her hair for at least six months.

Schwarzkopf Professional has another tool that can give you a snapshot into a client’s hair health that goes beyond just what the hair looks like – and what the client says their hair history is – by providing scientific, data-driven insights: SalonLab Analyzer & Consultant App. The SalonLab Analyzer, now available in the U.S. as of June 2021, is the first handheld tool to scan the hair at the molecular level and provide insight into the hair strand’s inner health as well as the outer. SalonLab works hand-in-hand with the FIBRE CLINIX line to provide custom suggestions for each individual client, allowing you to give your clients a hyper-personalized salon experience. FIBRE CLINIX is the perfect post-color service due to its powerful repair performance and customizable options.

Lesley Jennison, Schwarzkopf Professional Global Ambassador says, “This is really a game changer. Not only does it bring the salon of the future to the present, but the Schwarzkopf Professional SalonLab really reinvents the salon experience.”

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