The right tools for the job can make all the difference.  To design their Titanium+ion™ High Performance Professional Curling Iron​, Olivia Garden gathered their "Dream Team" of stylists to provide feedback about what they wanted and needed in a curling iron. Then Anne Maza, co-owner of Olivia Garden, and her team went to work.

“We make things our way, which is very expensive,” Maza explains. “We want a tool made to our standards, even though it would be a lot easier, cheaper and faster to take something already created in a factory, modify, tweak it and make it your own. But that way, you don’t get something unique and better.”

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Maza says if the barrel of an iron was see-through, we'd spot a major point of difference between their Titanium +ion Curling Iron and other tools.

“What we found out with most others' irons is that they have only one heater which emits heat in one direction, so it’s only facing half of a barrel and only heating up that half.  The heat distribution isn’t consistent.  But we have put in two heaters back-to-back in ours which means that the curl gets created faster and lasts longer because of the even and consistent heat applied to the hair strand.”


There is also a unique handle design that mimics the Olivia Garden hairbrush handles, along with an integrated silicone stand on the iron. “We replaced the big and bulky stand that gets in everyone’s way and snags on the hair with a completely snag-free integrated silicone stand.  Additionally, our stand increases how much of the barrel you can use. The metal fold-out clip on most curling irons wastes space, and the industry standard for usable space is about 4 ½ of the length… but ours is 5 inches.”


To improve the user-friendly features, and details that make a difference, the curling iron has ridges at the bottom of the cap which allows you to grab onto it because the ridges don’t get that hot. “A smooth surface cap means the whole surface gets hot,” explains Maza. “Ridges distribute the heat; the rims stay cooler than the valleys so you can hold the tip of the curling iron.”



Add in an ergonomic thumb rest to minimize stylist fatigue, 5 temperature settings with easy-access recessed buttons, an auto-shut off safety feature, and a 9-ft swivel cord, this tool is hot in all the right ways.

Features of the Titanium+ion™ High Performance Professional Curling Iron include:

  • High Performance Dual-Ceramic Heaters
  • High Quality, Strong & Lasting Ultra Titanium Barrel
  • Longer Barrel with Cool Tip
  • Ceramic Ionic Coated Clip
  • Lever with Ergonomic Thumb Design
  • Custom Design Ergonomic Handle
  • Snag-free Design with Integrated Clip Hinge & Silicone Stand   
  • Easy to Adjust Temperature Buttons
  • 5 Temperature Settings (285°F - 455°F)
  • Quick Heat Up to 455ºF & Instant Temperature Recovery
  • Safety Auto Shut-off After 30 Minutes of Inactivity    
  • 360º 9ft Swivel Cord with Hanging Loop   

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Official Giveaway Rules
Giveaway ends 09/30/2021

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