Is Male Grooming Booming?
Is Male Grooming Booming?

United Kingdom-based Champneys Health Spa recently surveyed male Brits to uncover their personal experiences and preferences when it comes to spa treamtnemts and how they priotize their own self care. From their favorite services at different ages to common misconceptions around spas, discover all of the insights on men's relationships with spas and wellness. Topline results include: 

  • Almost a quarter (22%) of men want to start taking better care of their wellbeing.
  • Two in five (40%) Gen Z men would love to be gifted a spa day.
  • Over two-fifths (42%) of Gen Zers and almost half (47%) of Millennials agree that they are more open to visiting a spa than the older males they know.
  • Over a third (36%) of men still believe that there is a stigma attached to men going to the spa 

A Shift in Perception

Male grooming has seen a change and uplift in recent times, with more and more men incorporating wellness into their everyday routine. Younger men especially are feeling more comfortable than ever with booking into spas and having beauty treatments. However, despite this, more a third (36%) of men surveyed still believe that there is a stigma attached to men going to the spa. 

Champneys surveyed men across the United Kingdom to uncover and debunk the misconceptions around self care and spas once and for all, revealing the age groups and cities that embrace self care the most, alongside men’s favorite treatments. 

Massages came out top as men’s favourite treatment, followed by facials and manicures.

The relaxing, rejuvenating treatment of a massage came out as a clear winner amongst each age group, but particularly for 25-34 year-old men. Facials followed closely in second as 25-34 year-olds also favoured this treatment. When it comes to manicures, the youngest generation of 16-24-year-olds preferred this treatment the most.

Is Male Grooming Booming?
Is Male Grooming Booming?

“It’s great to see from our survey the number of young men who would love to visit the spa, especially as a gift. Not only do wellness treatments help rejuvenate, heal and re-energise our bodies, but they are also seen to improve mental health," says Laura Tatlow, group spa director for Champneys. 

While older generations may not be favouring the likes of manicures and facials, they are still seeking alternative treatments. One-fifth (20%) of over-55-year-olds said their favourite treatment was a massage, and one in six (15%) of the same age group agreed that they want to start taking more care of themselves, including wellness and wellbeing. 

Additionally, almost one in ten (8%) men have been gifted a spa day as a present, while one in five (20%) would like to receive this gift. In fact, one in ten men (13%) also said they’d go on a stag-do to a spa, breaking down the misconception that spa trips are more apt for hen-dos. 

“Here at Champneys, the split between male and female guests is close to 40% at weekends, showing four out of ten guests being men," says Nicola Eager, group commercial director at Champneys.  "In addition to that, 39% of our male social media followers are aged between 25-35-years-old and 32% between 35-44, suggesting that men of the millennial generation are leading the way in prioritising their self care and wellbeing.”

Is Male Grooming Booming?
Is Male Grooming Booming?

Is it a Woman's World?

Champneys wanted to get to the bottom of misconceptions around men visiting spas once and for all, so they asked men in the UK why they aren’t visiting more often. 

Interestingly, over a third of respondents (36%) answered that they felt spas were too feminine, while under a third (29%) felt that spas don’t currently cater enough for men. A quarter (25%) of men explained that they would like to see more male-specific treatments, such as a personalized pampering session for men.

Despite some men having this impression of spas, more than one in five males (22%) are keen to start taking more care of their wellness and wellbeing--the stand out group being Gen Z men, as over half (54%) of this age group agreed that they want to prioritize things like skincare, massages, pampering and nutrition. 

The findings show there’s still some way to go overall, as a third (33%) of men don’t currently feel comfortable going to the spa. However, there is no denying the uplift in men hoping to improve on their wellness and wellbeing in recent years. More than one in ten (12%) 35-44-year-old men revealed they love spa days but never go on them, with this age group being the most divided generation, with over a third (35%) still believing there is a stigma surrounding men going to the spa. 

“Visiting a spa is not only beneficial as a one-off break but a way to prioritise self care, to ensure that you’re always putting your wellness first - which is why we believe that spas are absolutely for everyone. Although we’ve already started to see a shift in stereotypes in the wellness industry being broken down for men, our research has highlighted that there is still work to be done," Tatlow says. 

Is Male Grooming Booming?
Is Male Grooming Booming?

Where are the Least Pampered Men?

Champneys asked men in the UK if they have ever been to a spa day and it was revealed that one in 20 (5%) regularly prioritize their wellness by visiting and using spa facilities. So, where in the UK are the most and least pampered men? 

Champneys research reveals Scotland as being home to the most men who have never been on a spa day. Greater London, appears to be home to the most pampered men with only two in five (40%) never having been to a spa. 

“Although this shift is gradual, we look forward to seeing many more men feeling comfortable to enjoy their time at a spa and continue to prioritise their own wellbeing, with the help of the wellness industry making it more accessible to them and their needs,”  Tatlow says. 

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