Ulta Beauty puts safety first: images shot pre-DELTA, with vaccination and/or negative COVID...

Ulta Beauty puts safety first: images shot pre-DELTA, with vaccination and/or negative COVID status confirmed.

Where You Want To Be: Get Exactly What You Need From Your Career
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Ulta Beauty puts safety first: images shot pre-DELTA, with vaccination and/or negative COVID...

Ulta Beauty puts safety first: images shot pre-DELTA, with vaccination and/or negative COVID status confirmed.

Where You Want To Be: Get Exactly What You Need From Your Career

What does it mean to BeU in your career today? "We support the idea that all stylists and beauty professionals should be able to live your beauty," says Ulta Beauty Senior Vice President of Store and Services Operations Nick Stenson (@nickstenson). "We want everyone in our community—guests, associates, industry peers—to celebrate themselves and be comfortable within our spaces."

"When you walk in our doors, view our social media, or experience our education and events, expect to see yourself represented in our images and to be surrounded and served by vibrant, accepting and passionate people," he adds.

Be brave, be bold.

You've already made one bold choice. Your career shapes and changes lives. It takes courage to step out and be yourself, to speak in the way that respects equality and shows an open mindset, to transform and help others see, feel and be their best selves.

What takes even more courage is to be bold enough to honestly ask what you need from your career now, and to consider a move that might not match your past ideas. Be brave enough to reimagine a future where you can thrive in a career you love.

Styles change. Be open.

"Our goal at Ulta Beauty is to protect our industry and make sure hairstylists and beauty pros across the country find the right home and have amazing lives," Stenson says. "We've done a lot of work to be sure we are paying attention to the true needs of the beauty professional."

That means Ulta Beauty focuses on next-level education, creative inspiration and service innovation, along with safety and benefits. "And we commit to developing more paths for our salons and stylists to evolve, grow skills and lead, as we are doing with texture education."

Learn more, earn more and be free to live your beauty.

"We strive to improve always in our stores and to make our team's lives better, first and foremost through our culture," says Megan Murray, Senior Director of Field Operations. "Our leaders use a `you talk, we listen' format, then support you with anything you need."

That means providing all the tools, supplies and knowledge—both creative and financial—to help a stylist bring home more income than they could in any other salon. Stylists at Ulta Beauty can earn up to 70% commission from day one in any given pay period, no matter which of three skill levels they have achieved: Stylist, Master or Elite.

BeU, be proud and be part of our team.

Stenson and Murray encourage any stylist who might be seeking your next salon to consider Ulta Beauty.

"Come hang at your nearest Ulta Beauty stores or the next industry event with our Pro Team and Design Team," says Murray.

"See us in action and experience our vibe," agrees Stenson. "Ulta Beauty can't be home for every stylist, but for talented, like-hearted professionals, it is your perfect destination. And all are welcome to BeU."

Learn more and apply at careers.ulta.com.


Ulta Beauty's Design Team are working stylists who support the Salon at Ulta Beauty's nationwide network of service educators and leaders, and assist the Pro Team with industry education, marketing imagery and more. Here, they count down the ways Ulta Beauty can help you be successful, be satisfied and BeU in your career.

1. Be authentic. Be real. Build a career that reflects your lifestyle, says Reva Haga (@reva_danielle)."I get to be my best self in my Salon at Ulta Beauty every day because I’m supported by a team that respects my work life balance while challenging me to reach career goals."  

2. Be strong, protected and elevated. Insurance and wealth-building 401k options are important to Leo Valencia (@leo.valencia). So are bold experiences. "The balance between being creative and financially stable are in synergy. Whether on stage or behind the chair, I feel safe and free, knowing I’m able to save for the future and have medical care."

3. Be more successful, on your own terms. "The power to impact what I earn is amazing," says Anthony Negron (@kinganthonyyyy). "At Ulta Beauty, you are in control of how much you make every week, up to 70% commission."

4. Be in control of your path. Takeyra Shipps (@hair_bytakeyra) appreciates personalized, self-paced education that guides stylists through promotion to Master or Elite levels. "With my Ulta Beauty team's support, I can learn, grow and build my business."

5. Be independent, without being overwhelmed. Bianca Donahue (@biancad.beauty) says, "I considered all options, but life at Ulta Beauty really IS the sweet life. Ulta takes care of all the stressful parts of running your business. You show up and create!"

6. Be supported. "The benefits of in-salon coaching and being part of a larger team network helps me achieve my dreams," says Janelle Eyre (@jeyre.hair)." A constant stream of support pours through these walls, and I would be lost without it." Field educators and leaders visit Ulta Beauty salons often to collaborate with stylists and service managers.

7. Be inclusive and confident. Prioritize skills that enable you and your salon team to beautifully care for any guest, any day, says Laura Gunter (@lauragunterhair). “Ulta Beauty texture education has given me skills, confidence and opened my eyes to a world of possibilities.”

8. Be passionate. "A salon environment where the culture is inclusive, encourages creativity and celebrates stylists is exactly where I want to be," says Meghan Felicione (@meghanfelicione). "The Salon at Ulta Beauty keeps my career exciting and moving forward."

9. Be compassionate. You chose this career because you care about people, and Ulta Beauty prioritizes acceptance and puts stylists first, says Cristina Rodriguez (@thatssotinaa). "To work in a strong community where you’re more than just a number is why I would choose Ulta Beauty a million times over." 

10. Be inspired. "With elevating education from the Pro Team, customized hands-on experiences with my Services District Educators and the collaboration I cultivate with my Design Team, I reach every goal I set for myself," says Justin Toves-Vincilione (@ahappyjustin).

11. Be engaged. Ulta Beauty is all about connection and helping you maximize all beauty community relationships, says Beto Sanchez (@betoloveshair). "I have been able to broaden skills and do more with my craft through education, sharing through social media and becoming a mentor."

12. Be focused. As you practice all things beauty, you can channel your success, says texture expert Stacey-Ann Houston (@stacceyann). "Ulta Beauty has shown me how picking a skill to brand yourself with will help you grow business behind the chair."

13. Be surrounded by your favorites: Work and learn from the best in the industry, says Galyna Poczciwinski (@ufirami). "On our beauty playground, you never run out of options and brands to give guests a wow experience."

14. Be open to how the salon industry is changing, and to how your career path can, too, says Haley Kimble (@haley_ki), senior manager of the Design Team. "Ulta Beauty is shaping and celebrating our industry's future, and we want you to love your place in it."

15. Be proud! Of your career, your salon, yourself, encourages Jerwin Carlos (@jwinclos).  "I am proud Ulta Beauty cares about stylists' overall wellbeing. They provide all the tools needed to get any stylist where you want to be."


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