I usually think it's me, my phone, my stupid internet.  Normally, when I am having trouble logging into Instagram, I do all the tricks (that I have, of course, found through Google search)--turn Airplane Mode on and off, shut down and open back up, set it on a table (face down--bad phone-- so I don't have to look at it) and walk away hoping it will come to its senses.

But today, nothing was working and another Google search soon told me that my problem was being shared around the world.  We were all having a moment of imposed social silence. Instagram and Facebook were down.  

After apologizing to my internet for calling it "stupid," I took to Twitter which is my favorite social App to use, personally.  I appreciate its short form content, like Haiku poems, and frankly, it keeps me disciplined because I CAN GO ON.  Also, the official Twitter account has some very clever people posting to its platform and I just want to know how to Venmo this person some beer money to show my gratitude for this well-timed tweet: 


I also jumped into Clubhouse, where the ever-on-it Rowena Yeager was hosting a discussion in her club, The Leadershift Circle, titled: "Facebook & Instagram Shutdown🤨Could you live with out them."  As you'd expect in a room of salon professionals, the talk was about the importance of making genuine connections.   


Which prompted me to put out this tweet....

And here are some of the responses:



Wrapping up (because I CAN GO ON), ultimately, the answers were varied but they all seemed to share a basic theme; that of remembering the basics of customer service, client experience and old-fashioned, old school authentic connection.  

 See you on Twitter!

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