Coming to a salon, whether it is for nails or hair should always be a positive experience. The client is the star of the show and what better way to make them feel special than to have a great playlist for them to listen to while they sit? This 10 track playlist ranges from catchy and empowering pop songs to the smooth flowing melodies of r&b.


  1. Good as Hell-Lizzo

Being one of Lizzo’s most popular songs, this tune is an empowering and feel-good song no matter the season or occasion. This pop hit is all about getting glammed up and feeling even more confident afterward. This song describes the aftermath of a sad breakup but encourages her listeners to boss up and get their hair and nails done to make them feel better on the inside and out. This can be an encouraging song to someone who is getting a brand-new hair color or deciding to do a big chop.


  1. Leave the Door Open - Bruno Mars, Anderson .Paak & Silk Sonic

Although this song is about waiting for a woman to like you back, it can also be a catchy reminder for stylist and technicians who work in closed spaces. With COVID-19 being an airborne virus, keeping salon spaces open and ventilated is another precaution businesses can take to keep clients and staff safe. This song is also great to listen to while someone is getting ready for a first date or to confess their love to that special someone. Bruno and his crew made this r&b jam in March of 2021 and made this song all about romance and welcoming love with open arms. This song has been a not stop hit for many listeners inside and out of the salons.


  1. Don’t Touch My Hair- Solange

For some, getting your hair done can be a special occasion and transformative experience. Solange describes her hair as being her soul and crown that should not be touched by anyone but her. This song can be empowering for many women, especially Black women as they have spent years reclaiming their hair. Although some people may not understand how important hair is to a culture, Solange pushes that her hair is her pride and joy and should be admired but not touched.


  1. Good Days-SZA

This song is an early morning, feel-good song that opens with birds chirping and beautiful guitar sounds. Playing this song for clients can create a more positive and calming experience with SZA’s smooth vocals and eccentric adlibs. SZA talks about remaining in the present and letting go of the past because it will only cause you to worry more about what you can no longercontrol. This song is a breath of fresh air and is a wonderful way to encourage someone to let go of something that is holding them back whether it’s hair or an unhealthy relationship.


  1. Put Your Records On-Ritt Momney

With the original song being released in 2006, this modern remix is a slowed down version of this pop classic. This is another carefree song that encourages listeners to just let your hair down and be free. This cover is all about change and to stop stressing over the future because eventually you will be living your wildest dreams. Getting your hair and nails done is a great form of self-care and stress relief, which is what this song is all about.


  1. Shining-Dj Khaled, Beyoncé, JAY-Z

This dream team of artists came together to create this upbeat hip hop song to celebrate their victories. This song represents not feeling bad about winning all year long but embracing how it made you feel. It’s a great uplifting tune that will make anyone feel like a million dollars after finally getting that job or getting their hair done for the first time in a long time.


  1. Watermelon Sugar-Harry Styles

Despite this song being made for the summertime, it still brings on this euphoric feeling no matter what season it is. Harry Styles was previously a part of a well-known boy band called One Direction but has finally branched out to create his own kind of music. This music is very nostalgic with a touch of soft rock and will have you feeling like you are on cloud nine in the salon.


  1. Do it- Chloe x Halle

This dynamic sister duo created this summer anthem to encourage girls to have fun being single while still spending time with their girlfriends. This song quickly became a hit after the sisters turned it into a dance challenge for fans on TikTok to participate in. Although this is an r&b single, it still has an energetic beat that will make people want to get glammed up for a fun girl's night out.


  1. Self Care- Savannah Cristina

Given the title of this song, Christina sings about putting herself first and finally taking care of herself. This song is relatable for anyone who is unhappy with their life, job, or relationship and needs that push to do better for themselves. Putting yourself first can be as simple as taking the day to really pamper and treat yourself the way you deserve.


  1. Pressure- Ari Lennox

This latest r&b single from Ari Lennox is all about feeling good about yourself and looking even better while bragging about it. Lennox stresses the importance of loving yourself back, growing into your confidence and not putting up with any disrespect throughout the whole song. This is a great song to wrap up this playlist because it leaves listeners with this triumphant feeling that they are the prize, and they are beautiful no matter what.


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Sound On: The Ultimate Salon Playlist
Sound On: The Ultimate Salon Playlist

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Kara Martin is a current senior at Georgia State University with a major in journalism and a minor in African American studies. She truly enjoys writing in all forms as she writes poetry, enjoys journaling, and writes for the Arts and Living section of her school’s newspaper, The Signal. When she isn’t writing, Kara likes to take part in other forms of self-care such as yoga, drawing and watching Netflix.

Kara is passionate about creating meaningful art and work. She has hopes of writing her own book in the future as well as starting a business selling candles. What began as a fun hobby is now a lifelong passion for Kara as she continues to find joy in whatever she writes.

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