What is TikTok's Wet Mop Haircut?
What is TikTok's Wet Mop Haircut?

Open TikTok nowadays and you’ll see a similarity amongst the Gen Z guys—their hairstyle. Dubbed the "TikTok wet mop haircut," this style is shag-meets-bowl cut, and you should expect more and more of your younger clientele to request it. 

Below we'll break down the basics of the wet mop haircut, and talk to two barbers about how they achieve the look. 

What is the TikTok Wet Mop Haircut?

According to Stephen Marinaro, TheSalonGuy, the wet mop haircut is simply a longer version of the “TikTok” haircut several popular TikTokers like Josh Richards, Noah Beck and Zack Lugo have been sporting. 

“The wet mop is a shag-style haircut with longer, more square layering to help keep the look on the heavier side,” he says. “Rounded layers can help give the look more volume and movement. Some naturally have a hair texture that does most of the work, such as thick straight or wavy hair.” 

Josh Lamonaca, barber, educator and co-founder of global Menspire Salon, believes this shape is trending purely as a consequence of the pandemic. 

“Men have become attached to the length of their hair and are asking to keep it, but just neaten it up,” he says. “They’re giving it a chance of being worn longer, especially those who before did not have the patience to grow it out.”

How to Cut a Wet Mop Haircut

“The real key technique for this cut is to put down the scissor and pick up a feather razor,” Lamonaca says. “Work with a more visual approach instead of a technical approach in order to gain a better feeling of the areas of weight.” 

Lamonaca made this TikTok video of him cutting a mop-style cut and it went viral. 

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How to Style a Wet Mop Haircut

Luckily, the TikTok wet mop haircut usually just requires a good product applied to the hair and not much else.

“I suggest a sea salt spray as a styler or a styling cream,” Marinaro says. “Apply to the hair when damp and let the hair air dry or use a diffuser. The look is best achieved by letting it dry naturally.”

Marinaro, whose viral TikTok account is full of tutorial videos on the TikToker hairstyle, actually offers a “TikToker Hairstyle Kit” of product for purchase, catering to this look.

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“Gen Z is overtaking the haircare industry with its presence on social media and desire for this hairstyle,” Marinaro says.

The TikTok wet mop haircut is fairly low-maintenance, but Lamonaca warns that clients with thick hair should think twice before trying this cut: “It will literally just look like a mop after a couple of weeks,” he says.

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