Last year, Rodrick Samuels, director of Hair Lab Detroit Barbering School, added two accolades to his impressive career: 2021 Barber Stylist Midwest Hairstyling Award and becoming the first barber on the American Association of Cosmetology Schools (AACS) board of directors. Samuels has also been a vocal champion of diversified beauty education on social media with  his #solidhairity movement.

"We teach our students at Hair Lab Detroit that you are cutting hair texture, not cutting ethnicity,” Samuels says. 

How To: Men’s Crop Cut by Rodrick Samuels
How To: Men’s Crop Cut by Rodrick Samuels

How To: Men's Crop Cut

His latest crop cut pairs with a fully groomed beard and mustache.   

STEP 1: Start with a detachable blade clipper and use the 000 blade for the first panel to establish the shape and guideline.

STEP 2: Once the first panel is cut, go to the next blade which is an OA blade for the second panel.  

STEP 3: Use the “C” cutting stroke method, working in rotating sections around the head. Make sure to connect to the guide underneath—this will allow for a smooth transition into the third panel. 

STEP 4: Switch the blade once more and snap on the #1 blade for the third panel. Make each panel ¾ inch to ensure continuity in the blend.

STEP 5: Use a point cutting technique with your clippers to create interior and front hairline texture.

STEP 6: To style: Apply a volume spray and a matte texture powder and for medium hold to thicken the appearance of the hair.

STEP 7: Finish with hair spray such as Cloak and Dagger Black Ops Premium Hairspray for shine and to absorb excess oil.

STEP 8: For the beard, use trimmers to follow the natural hairline growth on the cheeks and neck and trim stray hair. 

STEP 9: For the mustache, trim to the client's preference. Start in the center and work to each corner of the mouth. 

How To: Men’s Crop Cut by Rodrick Samuels
How To: Men’s Crop Cut by Rodrick Samuels

Photo by Rodrick Samuels

Model: Dakota Narkun

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