-  Photo by Samantha Green for Unsplash

Photo by Samantha Green for Unsplash

Is your salon in a singles hub this Valentine's Day?

The TV show "Hot in Cleveland" was right—Cleveland is quite the spot for singles. New research indentifies the city as home to the most single men and the most divorces as well as the second-most total single people, with 68.7% of the city's population unmarried. While Detroit tops the list of cities with 70.8% of its population single, Cleveland can claim the most single suburb—Euclid, Ohio, where 62% of the residents are free as birds. Lakeland, Ohio, also a suburb of Cleveland, comes in third.

Conducted by the website Solitaire Bliss, the analysis of U.S. census data ranks cities, suburbs, and states in order of single households. The webpage explains, "As a site where our users come to play single-player games, with Valentine's Day coming up, it got us thinking about the lists of big cities where the most single people live, or the lists ranking cities with the best dating scenes."

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