Hairskeen Hair Replacement Sets Training Dates
Hairskeen Hair Replacement Sets Training Dates

Hairskeen (HSK), a Cosmecare USA brand specializing in non-surgical hair replacement solutions for men, is bringing two-day, comprehensive technical training classes to cities across the U.S. to instruct hair pros in how to apply the Hairskeen system—how to fix, remove, and maintain it. Certified Hairskeen educators Victor Hugo Lopez and Celso Enrique Rivera also provide strategies for talking to male clients about hair replacement solutions, and they demonstrate cutting and styling techniques to finish the service after the application. 

The brand's high quality, non-surgical hair replacement systems are manufactured in France. We sat down with Lopez and Rivera to learn more about Hairskeen.
MODERN: What makes Hairskeen stand out in this market?

LOPEZ and RIVERA: So many reasons! Hairskeen is doing so well because the whole experience is streamlined. As a technician, you have everything you need from application to removal. Also, the hairline technology and ventilation are unique. You have a broad range of options with one system, and we support Hairskeen through a call center and Facebook groups. And there's more:

  • Education is delivered directly to the hairstylist and barber, breaking down what can be a complex process with an easy, step-by-step approach.
  • With this system, you can give your guests the very latest in style trends.
  • Technical support is always available to help make you understand how to achieve a great outcome every time.
Hairskeen Hair Replacement Sets Training Dates
Hairskeen Hair Replacement Sets Training Dates

MODERN: Why do men choose your hair replacement systems?

LOPEZ and RIVERA: The hair looks natural and accommodates color services with precision. A selection of bases and adhesives gives salon clients a broad range of looks for every lifestyle. Also, clients have confidence in the outcome because their Hairskeen stylists and barbers are certified, which not only ensures excellence but increases the technician's artistry because of their new skill set. The hair pros create super-undetectable, full and dense hair with the client's chosen cut and style. Who doesn't want a sharp haircut that matches their personality?

MODERN: What is the average age of your clients, and how do they come to the decision to use a hair replacement system?

LOPEZ and RIVERA: Our clients range from 22 to 60! It's interesting how much men are evolving. At every age, today they look the way they want without fear of what people might say. While they may have anxiety about any big change or have some fear of being judged, we teach technicians how to reassure the client, de-dramatize the change, and explain why this new look will make them feel better.

MODERN: What is your favorite part of the classes?

LOPEZ: It's rewarding for me to experience each attendee's reaction to the miracle that happens in front of them. They see how amazing it is. I know that with every stylist or barber we certify, we strengthen this part of the beauty industry. With our training as a foundation, they go on to practice and perfect the craft.

RIVERA: I love the whole process of the class. When the models see themselves with hair for the first time after many years of hair loss or thinning, it gets very emotional! It's a breakthrough for them—a life changing event not only for the models but for the stylists as well. It's very powerful for all of us in the room.

MODERN: Do you use the HSK system yourself?

LOPEZ: I've been using a Hairskeen system for three years now, and it's been the best thing I've ever done. It's not much of a time commitment; I get a cut and style in about the amount of time I used to get a cut and shave. This solution has made me more confident to do things I would have never dared doing before. It's true what they say—that if you look good, you feel good.

CELSO: Being a customer is how I discovered HSK. My personal and professional life improved so much that I decided to become involved with the brand so I could offer this service to everyone who wants to have hair again. I feel blessed to have a product like HSK that meets my high expectations and gives me hair that looks like it's growing from my scalp! Simply gorgeous!

Education Dates

Hairskeen Hair Replacement Sets Training Dates
Hairskeen Hair Replacement Sets Training Dates

"Become an expert against baldness and help your clients suffering from hair loss!"

January 23-24, San Diego
February 27-28, Miami
March 27-28, Dallas
April 24-25, New Orleans
May 15-16, Miami (Spanish)
May 22-23, Denver
June 19-20, Minneapolis
July 17-18, Seattle
August 21-22, Charlotte
September 11-12, San Diego (Spanish)
September 25-26, NYC
October 23-24, Atlanta
November 13-14, Las Vegas
December 4-5, Tampa

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