Look Good Feel Better Program Gets a Boost in Europe
Look Good Feel Better Program Gets a Boost in Europe

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When Katrin von Hallwyl, founder of German-based ikoo haircare, underwent extensive therapy for breast cancer in 2019, she lost her hair but gained some insight into her mission as part of the beauty industry. She realized that she was not in the business of hair exactly; she was in the business of making women feel beautiful—with or without hair.

After her experience, Hallwyl decided that ikoo haircare would partner with DKMS Life, an independent subsidiary of DKMS, an organizaton that, according to its statement, "has set itself the task of giving people with cancer hope and courage to face life in order to support them during their therapy and to positively influence their healing process." Through the Look Good Feel Better program, DKMS LIFE aims to increase the wellbeing of people with cancer and give them new zest for life. With the motto "help for self-help," the group conducts cosmetics seminars that offer women in cancer treatment strategies for feeling good about their appearance.

Recently, idoo haircare hosted 60 guests in Munich to benefit DKMS Life. Ikoo also developed a Charity Box with 13 other brands. All proceeds from sale of the box go to DKMS Life. 

“It was and still is very important to me to pass on my personal experience as a person affected," Katrin von Hallwyl says. "My goal is to encourage as many women as possible to go for preventive care and to take care of themselves. I want to use my position in the public eye to make a difference.”


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