Rising Trend: Men's Keratin
Rising Trend: Men's Keratin

Imagine the looks we get when we suggest that one of the best ways to grow your keratin business is to market to men. It's probably the same look you have now: "Wow! Why haven't I thought of that?" Or maybe you're skeptical and thinking, "Why would a man even get a keratin?" Our response at Lasio Professional Haircare: pretty much the same reason a woman would. 

4 Reasons Men Make Great Keratin Clients

Before closing our flagship salon in 2020 and returning to mobile services, our Lasio Keratin Lounge salon saw a 25% increase in men's keratin services. We went from doing them every so often to 5-10 per week! We were even doing couples' services. To be honest, I was astonished at the rapid growth and what it did to our bottom line. 

Why is keratin the perfect fit for the men's styling category? Here are the top four reasons. 

  1. Men are loyal clients. Men tend to maintain a routine, and a keratin treatment regimen is easy to stick to. Typically, the client can book every three months. Men see this as an hour or less of their time and a nominal investment for the longevity of their results.
  2. Men crave convenience. Men want an effortless, put-together style with little to no hassle. A keratin treatment is a perfect way for them to achieve that. I learned this firsthand from one of our loyal clients when I asked him why he gets keratin treatments. He told me that it was one of the easiest things to commit to. He would come in every three months like clockwork for a stress-free, polished style that he knew would last!
  3. Men want youthful hair. From as early as age 30, men can start experiencing aging hair. That's when most men will begin to pay attention to how their hair texture and density are changing. Keratin treatments, particularly the Lasio Keratin Treatment, will help restore the hair with protein, adding back a youthful feel and natural shine to the hair. Water-based keratin treatments such as Lasio deeply restore the nutrients needed to delay hair breakage and promote growth. 
  4. Men follow trends. The smoothing effects of a keratin treatment allow men to achieve the sought-after haircuts they've always wanted. Cowlicks, curls, and troubled areas can prevent men from wearing cuts and styles such as the famed pompadour, slick backs, quiffs, mohawks, and even the ultra-sexy man bun. Keratin makes them all possible. 

For more information on Lasio Keratin Treatments and integrating Men's Keratin services in your salon, visit pro.lasioinc.com.

Nadine Ramos is an entrepreneur, innovator, licensed cosmetologist, and overall pioneer within the keratin industry. As founder and CEO of Lasio Inc., she has grown a professional haircare empire that includes luxury retail products, salon treatments, stylist education, a manufacturing facility, and a rapidly expanding mobile keratin service. Ramos has worked diligently with her team to help salons build six-figure keratin businesses and to grow the Lasio brand into a luxury household name.

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