Clients with dark bases no longer have to shy away from multi- dimensional color for fear of damaging their hair. Matrix’s latest color technique, Muy Melted is designed for dark bases, allowing you to enhance the color of brunettes by adding seamless dimension.

Muy Melt Flawlessy Blends

There is no damaging the hair structure thanks to Matrix SoColor and SoColor Sync’s Pre-Bonded formulas (Pre-Bonded means protection of the inner hair structure, to maintain the integrity of the hair).

The Muy Melted technique blends three shades from root to tip for a high-contrast look.    The smooth, creamy formulas allow you to melt several colors into the hair to fully saturate and blur the color without worrying about banding.

Build Your Color Business

This color technique was developed in collaboration with Matrix’s Bi- Lingual Global Educator and Artist, Pati Rodriguez. “I’ve been a Matrix educator for 14+ years. I love working with Matrix SoColor and SoColor Sync because they are creamy, dreamy, and perfect for all your color melting techniques,” says Rodriguez.

Muy Melted can be a big business builder in 2022 as an additional service opportunity. Not only is color melting fun to do, it’s a revelation for brunette clients. “Our studies show that dark bases make up half of the population,” says Rodriguez. “And the biggest complaint among clients with dark hair is flat or dull color. With Muy Melted, we can offer dimensional, shiny color effects for all—without damaging  their hair!”

Achieve Perfectly Melted Color With Muy Melted

  • Step 1: Choose Warm or Cool color based on client preference, while considering a shade to complement the skin tone and underlying pigments.
  • Step 2: Select 3 shades from dark to light, more variance between levels helps achieve dimension. pigment. The results are completely customizable—you can create subtle effects or high- drama, high-contrast results. You can also combine your melts with more of your favorite techniques, like balayage or lowlighting, for color that is completely tailor-made for each client. “The ability to create different shades is truly endless,” says Rodriguez. “This is truly a new world for clients with dark hair.”
  • Step 3: Apply at the base, ends and mid-sections, giving stylists control over how much color is blended.
  • Step 4: Melt it! Melt color into the hair with fingers to help saturation and seamless blending. Rodriguez recommends using SoColor Pre-Bonded Permanent Color when performing a melt.     

“That’s right,” she says. “You can use permanent color because these formulas are pre-bonded so you don’t have to worry about damage.”

Click here to see the Muy Melted technique. 



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