Kérastase Introduces Chroma Absolu Line to Care for Color-treated Hair
Kérastase Introduces Chroma Absolu Line to Care for Color-treated Hair

Taking a skincare-inspired approach to building and maintaining the health of the hair fiber, new Chroma Absolu from Kérastase supports the hair fiber from the inside out through any color treatment. The complete, customizable color care range makes it possible to get the exhilarating effect of hair color again and again while maintaining excellent hair integrity, which also makes color last longer.

Three Threats to Color

Using a strategic suite of powerful acids known for their healing properties, the Chroma Absolu formulas penetrate the fiber, caring for the hair to help prevent color fading and leaving hair soft and hydrated with intense shine. The formulas address three threats to the health of color-treated hair—water, which penetrates more easily into color-treated hair, causing protein disruption and color fading; UV rays, which deteriorate dyes and natural pigment and lead to lipid loss, causing dullness and weakness; and combing and brushing, which deplete hair’s protein matter over time, causing breakage, dullness, and a frizzy appearance.

"The basis of Chroma Absolu is a deep understanding of the challenges of color-treated hair," explains Edine Ahbich, Kérastase Head Engineer for Product Performance. "Color treatments disrupt the hair at all three levels, which in turn leaves the fiber even more vulnerable to environmental aggressors. The result is extremely sensitized hair. The Kérastase response was to create formulas that restore the fiber from the inside out and protect color-treated hair from enemies of shine and overall healthiness."

Great for Take-home Recommendation

A unique scent developed by French perfumers with neroli as its hero note helps create a sensual, indulgent ritual with the use of the products. The intense, 72-hour halo of florals grounded in earthy wood and musk is designed to impart a sophisticated signature scent that matches the vibrance and freedom of expressive hair color.

"After I color their hair, I always send my clients home with a full routine," says Shelley Gregory, Kérastase Pro Club Color Expert, @shelleygregoryhair. "They always ask me, 'How do I keep my color looking like this?' It’s so great to have Chroma Absolu, because now they can wash and care for their hair, and it feels like they just left the salon with fresh color because the hair feels so strong and healthy. The biggest change with this new range is that the acids actually go down all the way to the cortex of the hair and strengthen each strand. So, obviously, from that you’re going to get a longer-lasting color and the best shine."

The Products

Kérastase Introduces Chroma Absolu Line to Care for Color-treated Hair
Kérastase Introduces Chroma Absolu Line to Care for Color-treated Hair

The new range comprises nine products:


  • Bain Chroma Respect, a hydrating protective shampoo with amino acid + centella asiatica
  • Bain Riche Chroma Respect, a nourishing protective shampoo with lactic acid + centella asiatica


  • Fondant Cica Chroma, an anti-porosity strengthening conditioner system with amino acid + centella asiatica
  • Masque Chroma Filler, a deep, anti-porosity filling masque with amino acid + centella asiatica
  • Soin Acide Chroma Gloss, a resurfacing high shine risne treatment with lactic acid + centella asiatica
  • Masque Vert Chroma Neutralisant, a dark brunette perfecting anti-red masque with tartaric acid + centella asiatica

PrimeFusio-Dose, in-salon

  • Sérum Chroma Thermique, an anti-frizz antioxidant thermic serum with lactic acid + centella asiatica
  • Booster Resurfacant, a post-color, intense caring booster with tartaric acid
  • Concentré Acide Aminé, a post-color intense caring concentrate with amino acid + centella asiatica

Fusio-Dose has been part of the Kérastase salon-exclusive portfolio since 2011 and is the #1 Kérastase personalized in-salon hair treatment service. Fusio-Dose treats and immediately transforms the hair with a fresh mix of a concentré and a booster. 

"The secret of beautiful long-lasting color is care, care, and care," says Hovig Etoyan, Kérastase Global Professional Ambassador, @hovigetoyanparis. "Care after the coloration, care in between colorations in the salon and care at home. With the new Fusio-Dose Chroma Absolu, I can offer perfect color care in-salon. The tartaric acid in the booster and the amino acid in the concentré allow me to deeply treat the fiber. The sealed fiber makes the color brighter and shinier, and the hair is healthier overall."

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