Nudge Clients Toward Bangs with "Bangs Insurance"
Nudge Clients Toward Bangs with "Bangs Insurance"

If you've noticed a late winter uptick in clients asking you to cut bangs, you're right. Yelp reports data indicating that February is the most popular month for people to get bangs, with an increase in searches for bangs looks every February for the past four years. It makes sense, since that's about when clients start thinking about a fresh look for spring.

Bangs Insurance Offer

By March, though, some of that bang enthusiasm can backfire, with some clients regretting their decision. Yelp came up with relief for that anxiety.

"To provide some peace of mind to those who are eagerly counting down the days until their fringe grows out, we are launching 'Bangs Insurance'—a new giveaway to help Yelp users cope with bang woes," the company announces. This "insurance” will give 100 people, chosen randomly from among those who apply, $200 to use toward a new 'do from any hair salon found on Yelp. 

Nudge Clients Toward Bangs with "Bangs Insurance"
Nudge Clients Toward Bangs with "Bangs Insurance"

Bang Trends

Yelp further reports that searches for "curtain bangs''—a disco-era inspired take on the look—spiked 828% in 2021, leading Yelp to name the style as a beauty trend to watch in 2022. So far this year, celebrities ranging from Lady Gaga and Jennifer Aniston to Kendall Jenner and Kristen Stewart have been seen sporting freshly cropped bangs. Yelp jokes that “Should I get bangs?” has been called one of the top three “existential questions that have plagued the human psyche since the dawn of time.” Whew!

“Many people are loving these hairstyles, but for anyone experiencing bang regret after their new crop, Yelp has got you covered with the first-ever Bangs Insurance,” offers Yelp Trend Expert Tara Lewis. “No matter what type of  bangs you have—French girl bangs, curtain bangs, or the latest trend, bottleneck bangs—it never hurts to have insurance when you’re trying a bold new look.” 

Leverage the Yelp Offer

You can make Yelp's Bangs Insurance work for you! First, give clients the tip about applying for Yelp Bangs Insurance at When they apply, they will be asked to provide a screenshot of the bookmarked Yelp page of your salon! The offer runs through March 29, and winners will be notified by April 15. 

Follow up with a discussion:

  • Suggest bangs and tell clients to apply for the Yelp insurance just in case they don't like the look.
  • Offer your own "bangs insurance" for a discount on a between-visits appointment to start growing out the bangs and talk about styling options to soften the bangs effect.
  • Offer a discount on a gel that will hold the bangs up or back, to either switch up the look or make it appear that they never cut bangs at all.
  • Talk about a different type of hedging the bet—cut bangs in stages with a longer bang now and a free visit in two weeks to complete the look.
  • Offer to pop in a few free highlights with bangs to help ease the anxiety of the change in the cut.

If nothing else, it gives you an opportunity to remind clients to give you some love on Yelp! You can never have too many 5-star reviews.

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