Tati Gabrielle, the young actress and eco-ambassador known for the Netflix series You, rocked the 2022 Academy Awards red carpet with a modern, fresh, braided updo created by celebrity hairstylist and trendsetter Suzette Boozer, who used Keratin Complex products for the look. To complement Tati’s contemporary goddess-inspired, off-the-shoulder, fringe caped gown, Boozer went with a literal “twist” on Old Hollywood to design a platinum blonde, braided, tucked updo with shaved sides and short hair in back.

How-to Steps


Step 1
After braiding the crown area and pinning it, cover the braids with a shower cap and secure it using hair pins to seal off the area and keep it dry.

Step 2
Deep-clean the hair with Keratin Complex KC PRIMER Keratin Pre-Treatment Shampoo; Boozer recommends at least three washes to make sure you remove all product buildup. As another option, you can cleanse and condition with Keratin Complex Color Care Smoothing Shampoo and Conditioner.

Step 3
Immediately dry the hair.

Step 4
When the hair is completely dry, use an application brush to apply either Keratin Complex Molding Paste or Keratin Complex Styling Gel thoroughly but ONLY to the shaved and short hair.

Step 5
Dry again, using a blow-dryer.

Step 6
Release the braids, gather the hair at the base of the head, and individually lay each braid to fill in the gap partings so the braids can lie flat. Keep in mind that the style is directed toward the left side.

Step 7
Sculpt a soft wave pattern with the braids on the frame of the face, and use invisible thread to keep it in place so the shape is molded.

Step 8
Take the remaining hair cascading from ear to shoulder and finger-roll it into a bob. Shape it to perfection, either pulling out some strands or braids for a relaxed look or keeping everything neatly in place. Lightly spray Keratin Complex Flex Hold Hairspray or Keratin Complex Firm Hold Hairspray if needed.

Pro Trick for Short Hair


Tati Gabrielle’s hair was too short for Boozer to use a flat iron. "So I used my blowdryer with nozzle, on medium temperature, and a soft bristle paddle brush," Boozer says, adding that she blowdried the hair in the direction she wanted the hair to lie. "Then, I applied a partial silk scarf on the sides and back that I just worked on to 'train' the hair, and I placed the client under the dryer on high for 5 minutes." If the client has thick hair, repeat these two steps twice for a total of 20 minutes; for fine to medium texture, give it 15 minutes. The silk scarf maintains the sleek hair at night.

"We want long-lasting, gorgeous results for extremely short hair," Boozer explains. "Follow up with Keratin Complex Color Care Smoothing Shampoo and Conditioner and Keratin Complex Keratin Obsessed Multi-Benefit Treatment Spray to help extend the life of the style."

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