Vagaro scheduling and management software helps keep salons and spas running efficiently with all the tools a modern owner needs, including online booking, a POS system, email and text marketing, push notifications and much more.

Now, Vagaro has added four more features to improve efficiency and convenience for independent stylists, owners who rent chairs, and their customers alike.


1. Rent and Fees

Vagaro’s Automatic Rent and Fees feature allows salon owners to charge booth renters, schedule recurring payments, generate renters’ agreements and even deduct commission from rent directly through the Vagaro app/platform.

Collecting rent and fees—for both the owner and the renter—can be time consuming and confusing. Vagaro has removed all the tedious paperwork and tracking with the Automatic Rent and Fees feature. It simplifies and streamlines the process so all payment info, rental agreements, reports and other necessary elements are all in one place, providing increased transparency for both parties and fewer missed or unnecessary payments. And best of all, owners who rent chairs no longer have to spend time tracking where/who a payment is coming from. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

Annie Miller, CEO of two Salon 77 West locations in Pleasanton and Danville, California, oversees 30 independent contractors.

“Automatic Rent and Fees has been an absolute game changer,” she says. “It has cut down our banking and deposit process time by more than half. It ensures everyone’s payments come in on time, and if there are discrepancies with payments, we are notified right away. This feature has been one of the most helpful ways Vagaro supports our business.”

Stylists also love the Automatic Rent and Fees feature.

Alyssa Hare, an independent contractor at Tribez Salon in Blackhawk, California, says, “Automatic Rent and Fees is so much more efficient. The automatic withdraw the same day and time is really great—especially for stylists (we always forget our checkbooks)!


2. Vagaro Links

Do you ever want to direct your client to a specific service? Or send them a direct link for the product they want to buy? Now you can send these links and more with the new Vagaro  Links feature.

Create a link for any specific service, class, product, membership, or package and share it online, on social media platforms or anywhere else you want customers to be able to directly purchase or book these items.

“Sometimes clients don’t know what they are looking for (like a highlight versus a balayage),” Hare says. “Now my clients don’t have to go searching through my service list for what they need. I can just send them a link and they can book it.”

Miller says email is another great way to use Vagaro Links. “I’ll be able to send clients emails with direct links to a featured service, like extensions, or product,” she says.


3. Booking Widget

Vagaro’s new Booking Widget is a game changer for stylists—both full-time employees and booth renters. With Booking Widget, stylists can implement an Instagram booking widget specifically for their own services, instead of the entire business.

They can not only share their work on Instagram, but also share their personal booking links, customized with the specific services they offer.

This widget is just for me,” Hare says. “My clients won’t have to scroll through a million service providers to find me now. I'm so excited I get to use it on Instagram now.”

Miller agrees: “It’s awesome for stylists,” she says. “There’s a chance a potential client could get sidetracked with another stylist after clicking on booking through Instagram. But with a personalized link to their own booking page, this won’t happen. It’s an awesome feature our stylists are excited about.” 

The Booking Widget also helps stylists make retail commission by tracking products sold from their own booking widget.


4. Apple Maps Schedule Button

Apple Maps has quickly become the go-to spot for clients to find a salon (or any business) in their area. And once they’ve found you, wouldn’t it be great if they scrolled down to find not just your website, but also a scheduling button to book an appointment immediately?

Vagaro’s Apple Maps Schedule Button allows potential clients to do just that. Designed to improve retention, this button saves clients’ time and improves their booking experience for greater customer satisfaction and loyalty.

“It takes the client directly to us,” Miller says. “The direct access to our business is going to be beneficial.” 

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Originally posted on Salon Today