Schwarzkopf Professional USA Announces Partnership with Joel Warren
Schwarzkopf Professional USA Announces Partnership with Joel Warren

Joel Warren, the renowned beauty expert known for creating beautiful hair, returns to Schwarzkopf Professional USA with a shared passion and renewed enthusiasm for being behind the chair. “For the first time in 3 to 4 years, I’m where I should be — I’m with a brand full of heart and soul,” claims Warren.

Joel Warren was introduced to Schwarzkopf Professional early on in his career. From the start he recognized, “The brand has no limits. It gives the hairdresser options and the ability to be playful and creative.” It was just a matter of time until the master colorist with and salon owner, whose book was full of clientele including Christie Brinkley, Cindy Crawford, and Zoë Kravitz, became a spokesperson for Schwarzkopf Professional USA. During that he traveled to Germany to meet and celebrate the 100-year anniversary with the Schwarzkopf family. It was there he witnessed Schwarzkopf Professional’s mission: Together. A passion for hair. Warren shares, “It’s passion that sets this brand apart from the other color, care and styling companies.”

Today Warren is redefining the beauty experience with The Salon Project. The Salon Project is an all-encompassing concept that combines the best of hair, skin, and makeup in an unparalleled, state of the art space that offers a range of services by world class stylists, estheticians, and artists. First housed in Saks Fifth Avenue at Walt Whitman in Long Island, The Salon Project has expanded to three locations on the east coast including its Flagship in Manhattan. At The Salon Project, “I aim to make a better experience for the client, and hairstylist through technology and education,” remarks Warren. The Salon Project offers a talent guided virtual shopping experience online or in store. Joining the curated haircare collection is Schwarzkopf Professional’s IGORA ROYAL, BLONDME, FIBRE CLINIX and OSiS+. Warren says, “I hand selected Schwarzkopf Professional because the brand’s number one priority is hair integrity. Whether professional color or consumer care, Schwarzkopf Professional products will never compromise the condition of your hair.”

By reigniting his relationship with Schwarzkopf Professional USA, Warren hopes to drive brand growth through his creative and modern lens. Schwarzkopf Professional USA is equally excited about this next chapter with Warren. Kathleen Cannon, vice president of sales & field education for Schwarzkopf Professional and Alterna Haircare, stated “What an exciting time for Schwarzkopf Professional and Alterna Haircare to welcome Joel Warren into our family through our distributor partnership with Paramount Beauty. There is no one better to partner together with than people who have a true passion for hair and for our industry.” According to Jeff Hagler, chief executive officer at Paramount Beauty, “Joel Warren is truly one of the industry’s finest colorists. We are excited to collaborate with Joel and help him to continue providing his clients with the best salon experience.”

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