Do your clients who are new mothers tell you they notice an increase in hair shedding in the shower or when they brush their hair? You can confirm for them that they're not imagining it. Roughly 90% of new moms report some postpartum hair loss.

Hair Prescriptives (HPx) hair care offers a natural solution developed specifically to reduce thinning hair/hair loss while increasing the health, volume, and vitality of compromised strands. The company reports clinically proven results with ekakshi oil, the hair care botanical in the brand's products.

Postpartum Hair Loss Explained

"Most pregnant women experience thicker hair because fewer hair follicles are in the resting or 'shedding' phase,” says an HPx spokesperson. "With the hormonal changes that come after childbirth, a large number of hair follicles will enter into this phase, causing new moms to experience a higher-than-average amount of hair loss."

When the mom of a three-month-old baby comes to you in a panic, you can tell her that the hair loss is temporary as her body goes through changes after pregnancy and the hormone levels start to balance out again. This type of hair loss, from any source of stress, is called telogen effluvium.

Clinical Results

HPx reports that 80% of Hair Prescriptives users saw improvement in both the density and texture of their hair after only 12 weeks. To address postpartum hair thinning and loss, suggest clients use:

  • Hair Prescriptives Active Hair & Scalp Treatment. Clinically proven to increase blood flow and oxygen levels to the scalp, this treatment strengthens and nourishes each hair follicle at the core, giving the cuticle elasticity and durability. The key ingredient, ekakshi oil, greatly restores and revitalizes the hair, improving density and thickness while delivering visible results in overall volume.
  • Hair Prescriptives Shampoo. Formulated with bio-active botanical oils to cleanse hair while removing buildup and maintaining the hair's strength and volume, this shampoo stimulates the scalp and works on all hair types and textures.
  • Hair Prescriptives Conditioner. Delivering more manageable hair with increased luster, the conditioner rebalances moisture levels and provides essential hydration. Enriched with the Ekakshi Oil Complex and bio-active botanical oils, the formula helps to detangle dry and damaged hair while still imparting volume.

For optimal results, advise clients to use all three products in conjuction. Healthy regrowth starts with a healthy scalp. According to HPx, new moms should go easy on their hair and be extra gentle, use a wide-tooth comb to minimize tangling, and shampoo/condition only when necessary.

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