It’s Pride Month once again, which means the celebrations are in full swing. Pride parties are wonderful opportunities for some major self-expression: glittery makeup, outrageous outfits, and of course, colorful hair. Vivids are also becoming more and more trendy year-round, so you may be seeing more clients who want the boldest and brightest hair colors possible.


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While these colors are fun to do and so satisfying when they turn out beautifully, they can also be challenging to get right. We want everyone to be a part of the fun, so we’re sharing some tips from Hair Cuttery color specialist and educator, José Rojas. You can also pass many of these tips along to your clients for home hair care.

José is an expert in balayage and vivid colors and works as a Chicagoland regional training artist for the Hair Cuttery Family of Brands. He is a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community who favors boldness. Check out some of Rojas’ best color tips below!

José Rojas enjoys working with the most vibrant colors.

José Rojas enjoys working with the most vibrant colors.

Tips For Stylists

To stylists, Rojas recommends being mindful of the level you lift the hair to depending on the color you want to end up with.

“To achieve the vibrant hues we are looking for, we need to make sure we are lifting to the correct level. For example, don’t lift past a level 7-8 (orange, orange yellow) for bright red. You need the undertone to help support the red. If you put red on level 9-10, you risk the hair turning pink or a salmon color. Yellow + red= orange/pink!”


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Advice For Your Clients

First, remind your clients to always consult you before making any drastic hair changes on their own! Rojas ecommends this especially when dealing with semi-permanent or permanent color. “You don’t want to damage your hair trying to remove it at home,” he cautions.

Clients can also experiment with color without making a commitment. Pre-dyed clip ins are a nice option that you can simply remove at the end of the night. You can also suggest washable options like temporary color, hair chalk or colored hair wax. Rojas prefers the wax because “it gives your hair a hold and a nice satin shine.” It’s a great way to test a color before going with it permanently.


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Lastly, anyone who attends a Pride celebration is bound to get some glitter in their hair, whether you put it there intentionally or not. But it can be so hard to rid your tresses of that stubborn glitter when all is said and done. Rojas' avorite way to remove glitter is to use coconut oil or olive oil. “Work it into the areas that have glitter, leave it for 10 minutes, and then shampoo,” he advises. “Really work it on your scalp, thoroughly rinsing your hair. If your hair still feels oily, wash it a second time.”


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