As a MODERN SALON Artist Connective Member and Owner of Salt & Light Hair, Hailey Mahone Livingston loves to make hair color pop. This experienced stylist has plenty of helpful tricks up her sleeve. She shared with us three ways that she accomplishes creating that beautiful dimension with three different hair colors, all using Matrix products. Check out her advice and formulas below.

1. Smudging the Root

Time for some color theory: Light colors look lighter when contrasted by dark colors. Using this principle, Livingston makes her client’s blonde look brighter by smudging the root darker.


Highlights: Matrix Lightmaster 15-20 vol.

Root Smudge: Matrix Alkaline Toners 8N + 7NV melted into 10V + 8V

2. Highlights + Lowlights

Same principle as before: Light and dark contrast and make each other look more intense. In this look, Livingston strategically tones the highlights and lowlights to give this lived-in look more dimension.


Matrix SoColor Sync Alkaline Toners

  • 5N + 6M for lowlights
  • 8N + 8P for highlights

3. Natural Color as a Base

When dyeing your client a unique all-over color, sometimes they already have the perfect base for it, especially if the new color is darker than their natural color. For this beautiful “Melted Merlot” creation, Livingston took advantage of her client’s natural color.


Matrix SoColor Sync in 6R + 6RV


Make sure to use the principles of light and dark to your advantage when creating color that pops. The result will have beautiful dimension that gives your client “main character energy,” as Livingston would say.

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