Clean, clear and healthy blonde color are priorities for Abigail Bazzoli, and when she switched...

Clean, clear and healthy blonde color are priorities for Abigail Bazzoli, and when she switched to Schwarzkopf Professional® she discovered new powers of blonding. Hair: Abigail Bazzoli, @abigailbazzoli

For an established hair color pro, switching color lines in the salon is a daunting idea. There’s a learning curve for formulations, there’s the risk that longtime clients will notice the change and be unhappy, there are dozens of other unknowns that might be making the whole notion of changing a non-starter in your mind. But color pros also understand that change is critical to keeping their work fresh and up-to-date and it’s important to get out of their comfort zones.

Abigail Bazzoli @abigailbazzoli, a session stylist and color and extension expert at Onyx on Madison in Pasadena, CA was ready to take the leap and explore a new color collection. She chose Schwarzkopf Professional® and she says she has never been happier with her color results. Here are some of her insights into the process from a recent conversation.

How long had you been using your previous color and when did you switch?

I used my previous color for three years and I switched to Schwarzkopf Professional® six months ago.

What Brought Schwarzkopf to Your Attention Initially?

Since my focus is on blondes, I first became interested in the BLONDME® range of lighteners and toners.

What made you decide to go ahead and try Schwarzkopf color?

I really wanted to open up my creativity and try something new! Since I rarely use permanent color, I was eager to work with the IGORA VIBRANCE® demi-permanents.

“With Schwarzkopf Professional® IGORA VIBRANCE® you can’t over tone,” says Bazzoli. “Gloss the...

“With Schwarzkopf Professional® IGORA VIBRANCE® you can’t over tone,” says Bazzoli. “Gloss the hair for 20 minutes and it remains unbelievably bright.” Hair: Abigail Bazzoli, @abigailbazzoli

What were some of your key requirements for demi-permanent color?

For me, a demi-permanent color that doesn’t over tone is KEY! It’s also important for the color to leave hair healthy and give it shine--especially when it comes to blondes!

How did Schwarzkopf meet those requirements?

With Schwarzkopf Professional® IGORA VIBRANCE® you can’t over tone. I can leave a gloss on for 20 minutes and the hair stays as bright as ever. It also leaves the hair really shiny and healthy. It feels amazing after each appointment.

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For salon work and for photo shoots, Bazzoli often turns to her new favorite Schwarzkopf Professional® toning formula: equal parts 9.5-21 + 9.5-1 + clear, processed for 25 minutes. Hair: Abigail Bazzoli, @abigailbazzoli

Have you discovered any new favorite formulas?

My favorite toning formula for platinum blonde color is equal parts IGORA VIBRANCE® 9.5-21 + 9.5-1 + clear, processed for 25 minutes! On a warm canvas it neutralizes a little and gives a bright finish. On a clean Level 10, it creates a stunning, icy white finish!

Has anything surprised you about the new color?

The BLONDME® toners have been so fun to work with. I love how subtle or intense they can be depending on how long you leave them in the hair. I’m also enjoying shadow rooting with Igora Vibrance! The coverage is amazing. In a matter of minutes you get a beautiful blend!

Was the process of changing brands easy or challenging? What steps did you take to ensure a smooth transition?

Change is never easy, but I needed it. As artists, we sometimes get in a routine. We do the same thing over and over and it’s boring! Learning a new line is challenging but rewarding because you can expand your knowledge and grow in this beautiful industry. To help with this change, I studied and studied! I took two Schwarzkopf Professional® classes, one for BLONDME® and one for IGORA VIBRANCE®, and I plan on taking many more. I bought swatches and have tried different formulas to experiment and understand the chemical I am working with. I’m still learning and I’m excited to see what’s to come! 

What tips can you share with stylists who decide to change their color brands?

Give yourself time to learn, study and understand the brand. Don’t be afraid to ask questions! It’s very easy to fall into a rut and do the same thing over and over but when you challenge yourself a little, you’ll realize at the end you are the artist. Take risks, take classes and just practice and try it. It will take time but it’s worth it! 

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