The hair loss struggle is real, and you can help. You just need the right products, tips and talking points.

“More of my clients than ever are struggling with hair loss,” says celebrity stylist Marissa Marino (@marissa.marino), a celebrity stylist with 17 years in the salon biz, who herself experienced and is recovering from post-partum hair loss. She uses, recommends and educates on behalf of trusted hair wellness brand Viviscal PRO, a salon-exclusive system of hair growth supplements, shampoo, conditioner and thickening elixir.   

This new era of hair loss reality that clients are living through is driven by stress, hormonal changes and other factors, Marino says. Salon guests across age, gender and lifestyle are turning to those they trust—their stylists—for advice. They want tips on quick topical and volume-building fixes as well as longer-term hair growth solutions.

Fortunately, stylists are in a better position than ever to offer professional support, explains fellow celebrity stylist and thinning hair expert Cesar DeLeon Ramirez, (@cesar4styles), whose clientele includes Khloe Kardashian, Demi Lovato and Ciara. His go-to fast fix for all clients is Toppik Hair Filler, and he points salons and stylists to use and offer the professional thickening fibers. 

Growing Awareness and Opportunity

“Today, clients are a lot more receptive to trying hair hacks to perfect their look,” Ramirez says. “A lot of stigmas have been diminished through social media, especially since celebrity stylists like Marino and me are so open to sharing our secret styling tips.” Marino, who takes care of a full range of guests including superstar clients like Selena Gomez and Olivia Holt, agrees there is a shift in the dialogue and the opportunity for salon pros.

“Hair loss being a side effect of COVID really brought attention to it,” Marino says. “And now, hair growth supplements like Viviscal PRO seem to be a part of most people’s daily routine. The conversation around it has changed from it being something to be ashamed of to being aware. And when you’re aware, you can be proactive.” 

Be PRO-active: Talking Points for Stylists 

Marino and Ramirez encourage stylists to build on open attitudes about hair loss to help more clients help improve their hair confidence. Learn more about hair loss and review these stylist-to-stylist ideas to help clients cope, beautifully:

Talking points: When discussing hair loss and recommending a salon solution, keep the client consultation comfortable and clear. Ramirez and Marino always clarify key points and will show the clients positive results they’ve experienced personally.

“I have used Toppik Filler products on myself for so many years,” says Ramirez. “When I share that I use it and that I have super-thin hair they are shocked and become curious to try it.” Ramirez also makes sure to:

  • Demo the instant before-and-after effects of using the Toppik Hair Filler. “The results are so impressive, it sells itself.”

Let clients know the hair filler is made of keratin, “the same protein our hair is made up of, so they know exactly what I’m using,” and why it is so natural looking and effective.

In consultations, Marino reminds her clients that:

• “Viviscal PRO is a supplement (that is 100% drug free) that promotes hair growth from within.”

• “You take one tablet, two times a day, and there are no known side effects.”

• “You will start seeing results in about three to six months, because of how the hair growth cycle works.” 


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“Viviscal PRO gets to the root cause of hair loss and helps build the hair back. Once your client starts the Viviscal PRO Hair Growth system—supplements, shampoo, conditioner and elixir—they get hooked, see the results and keep coming back.”—Celebrity stylist @Marissa.Marino chats about the @ViviscalProfessional Hair Growth Line

Instant Results, Step-by-Step

While Viviscal PRO is about helping clients care for and regrow hair from the inside out, over time, with clinically proven supplements, sister brand Toppik is about offering clients a tool to instantly conceal thinning and make fine hair look thicker and fuller.

“Toppik products create a more flattering frame around the face while filling in thin areas,” Ramirez says. “Many people can relate to having a thin hairline, and we have amazing tools. Toppik Hair Filler works on any hair texture and truly can give your guest that celebrity polished finish.” Toppik Hair Filler is available in Black, Medium Blonde, Medium Brown, and Dark Brown, and pros can mix to match hair color. 

“Toppik is my go-to finishing product when it comes to styling my celebrity clients with thin hair, especially when creating a sleek, snatched-back ponytail or half-up style,” says stylist Cesar DeLeon Ramirez (@cesar4styles). Watch this video to see step-by-step how Ramirez fills in sparse areas around the hairline to enhance the overall look.

On Toppik: Styling Prep

To get the best results with the Toppik collection of products, Ramirez says:

  • “I start on a clean but moisturized scalp to ensure the hair filler will adhere, and use the Toppik FiberHold Spray to lock them in.”
  • “I start by spraying a light amount of the Toppik FiberHold Spray, as I shield the face with my hairline optimizer. Then I lightly spray the Toppik Hair Filler, starting at the thinnest area first. I fill until I see the desired amount of density, and then I lightly mist again with my FiberHold Spray.”

Try This: 3 More Tips & Tricks

Other tips, tricks and products Marino and Ramirez offer to support any client’s overall hair health and finished look?

  1. Regular trims, at least every three months.
    "This will prevent split ends and help maintain length and healthy appearance,” Marino says. “I also recommend the Viviscal PRO shampoo and conditioner so that the hair they do have will feel thicker and healthier while in the process of growing back what they lost.”
  2. Extra benefits: wigs and extensions: “A lot of my clients wear wigs, and Toppik Hair Filler has become one of my secret weapons for making my installs look more natural,” Ramirez says. “It’s a great way to blend a wig’s noticeable hairline or to hide visible lace. Using Toppik Hair Filler around wefts also helps blend extensions, like tapes and clip-ins, for a less visible and more natural result.”
  3. Home health: “I ask my celeb clients to keep heat styling to a minimum at home, between our sessions,” says Marino. She advises all clients with stressed hair to deep condition when possible, use the Viviscal PRO system, and definitely, consistently “take your hair growth supplements.”

Viviscal PRO is sold exclusively at salons, spas and medical practices. Visit to learn more. Toppik Hair Filler is available in-store and online at Ulta Beauty.

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