Stylists can help clients prevent hair loss during cancer treatments by informing them about...

Stylists can help clients prevent hair loss during cancer treatments by informing them about cooling caps and connecting them with Hair to Stay.

Swapping out the hair loss conversation stylists have with clients facing cancer treatment for a more positive angle is the aim of a new partnership between Vish Color Management and the non-profit organization HairToStay, announced during Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October. And to highlight it, one of its two top executives will go pink, with the industry invited to vote on who will receive this exciting color transformation.

Vish is partnering with HairToStay to raise awareness and funds for scalp cooling treatments, which can reduce the risk of hair loss experienced during chemotherapy. Research has shown that wearing a cold cap immediately before, during, and after chemo helps restrict blood flow to the scalp and hair follicles, limiting the impact of the drugs and protecting the hair.

“Scalp cooling is slowly gaining credibility within the USA, with a few hundred hospitals actively investing in the necessary technology. But access is still restricted and insurance coverage is a long way down the bureaucratic line, which is why we are supporting HairToStay,” said Tim Howard, chief innovation officer at Vish. “HairToStay provides subsidies to increase access to cooling caps for those unable to purchase their own.”

Since launching in 2016, HairToStay has raised around $4 million, allowing it to subsidize around 25 applicants a week. Scalp cooling results can vary per recipient but more than 87% would recommend it.

"A stylist is often a client's main confidant,” said Bethany Hornthal, Co-Founder of HairToStay. “And so they are often the first to hear about a client's cancer diagnosis.

"When a client faces the loss of their hair from chemo they turn to their stylist for advice," added Bethany. “And that advice can be more than just platitudes; the stylist can actually help limit hair loss by recommending scalp cooling. Explaining there could be an option to avoiding hair loss is empowering for the stylist and comforting to the individual facing cancer treatment, helping restore a sense of control, normalcy, and well-being. By arming stylists, salons, and the beauty industry as a whole with knowledge about scalp cooling, we can significantly increase the awareness that such an important option exists."

Want to get involved? Whether you have personally experienced hair loss or know someone who has, it’s evident how much of an impact hair has in our everyday lives, often providing a source of confidence and empowerment. Join us in creating meaningful conversations about why hair is so important within the community by sharing your favorite hair story. Perhaps it’s about your hair transformation or one you’ve helped someone else achieve - share your #hairstory on social media and tag @vishsalons to be featured.

What’s more? The Vish team is going PINK for HairToStay. At the end of the month, CIO, Tim Howard or CEO, Joshua Howard will dye their hair pink to show their support for the cause. Tune in to @vishsalons on November 1st where we’ll announce the total amount raised for HairToStay and who will be receiving this exciting color transformation!

The choice is yours! Vote here and donate today.

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Originally posted on Salon Today