When working with hair, there are so many ways to add depth and dimension to an otherwise flat look. Any good stylist should know how to juice up a hair look with the elements of art and design, including color, shape, form, movement, and balance.

Wella Signature Artist and Educator Tommy Gentile (@tommy.wella) uses all of the above to create styles that perfectly complement each individual client. See how Gentile uses Wella to add dimension to three different hair types, using expert cutting, lightening, and color techniques.

Curly Cut and Color


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This client with gorgeous curls needed more movement and less weight. Gentile provided a shape that brought out the magic of her curl pattern and framed her face nicely with layers. Some well-placed color from Frank Andrade (@andrade.wella) completed the look.


Foils: Wella Magma /89 (2/3) + /36 (1/3) + 13 Vol. (1:1.5)

Tone: Wella Color Fresh Create - Pure Violet with A Shot of High Magenta

Clouding on Natural Texture


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After creating a perfect shape on this naturally textured mannequin, Gentile uses a “clouding” technique, gently applying Wella Magma all over the curls with his hands. This technique mimics and emphasizes light and shadow, creating natural-looking dimension all over.


Clouding: Wella Magma /36 (1:1.5) with Wella Freelights 12%

Glaze: Wella Shinefinity 07/59 (1:1) with Bottle Activator

Melty Balayage


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This client’s hair got a major upgrade when Gentile created this lovely balayage with Wella Freelights and Shinefinity. The contrast makes the hair look glamorous.


Balayage: Wella Freelights 1:1.5 with Freelights 12%

Shimmer Melt Glaze: Wella Shinefinity 04/07 for roots & 08/98 + 00/89 for ends

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