Vagaro’s New Features Bring Big Benefits to Salons
Vagaro’s New Features Bring Big Benefits to Salons

To keep their salons running smoothly and efficiently, owners turn to Vagaro for reliable, cutting-edge scheduling and management software.

Vagaro’s tech tools include online booking, a POS system, email and text marketing, push notifications, and more. Always innovating, Vagaro recently added three new features to its software, bringing salon owners more tools for success and salon guests a more convenient salon experience.


Vagaro’s New Features Bring Big Benefits to Salons
Vagaro’s New Features Bring Big Benefits to Salons

Vagaro’s latest profit booster for salons is the new Add-On feature, which will automatically suggest an add-on service when a client books their appointment online or through the salon’s app.

“Newer stylists aren’t always eager to upsell,” says Renee Sison, owner of Salon 77 West in Pleasanton, California. “Now, the Vagaro app will suggest one for us. For example, it may prompt a guest to add on a Himalayan salt scrub with a massage or a treatment with a hair cut.”

The new Add-On feature also eliminates the need to book time for add-on services, so if a treatment only takes a few minutes at the bowl, it can be added on without blocking off additional time.

“We used to have to book at least a five-minute increment,” Sison says. “This is going to give us more options for scheduling.”

Vagaro Pay Later

Vagaro’s New Features Bring Big Benefits to Salons
Vagaro’s New Features Bring Big Benefits to Salons

At Salon 77 West, extensions are big business. Clients can’t live without them, but they aren’t cheap.

“The new Vagaro Pay Later feature allows our customers to get a $2k extension service and pay for it in four installments over six weeks,” says Sison.

This installment method of payment has become popular online with retailers like Sephora and Zara, and Sison says she’ll use it on her site as well.

“We sell luxury products—Oribe and Kerastase—that average around $50 per item,” she says. “We want our guests to use these for their at-home care, and Vagaro Pay Later allows them to make the investment.”

Vagaro says salons using Vagaro Pay Later can potentially see up to a 30 percent  increase in checkout conversion, 41 percent  increase in average order value, and 45 percent  higher purchase frequency.

And by using Vagaro Pay Later, the salon can set whatever minimum price they choose to qualify for it. The best part? Stylists never wait for their full payment.

Vagaro partnered with a banking system to implement Vagaro Pay later so there is no risk to stylists—they get their full payment immediately, and the bank is in charge of collecting the four installments.

Sison’s stylists, who are booth renters, pay a small processing fee, similar to the credit card processing fee they also pay, and it’s worth it.

“The small fee for the customer’s transaction allows that guest to experience all our salon has to offer,” she says. “We want everyone to be able to have that luxury experience and enjoy it without feeling like they can’t afford it.”

Vagaro has put together marketing pieces showcasing Vagaro Pay Later for Sison to use on her front desk and individual stations.

“There’s also a QR code clients can scan to sign up, and we can send an invite through our Vagaro email and text marketing, too,” she says. “Once they’ve signed up, it’s built into their customer profile.” 

Apple and Google Map Integration

Vagaro’s New Features Bring Big Benefits to Salons
Vagaro’s New Features Bring Big Benefits to Salons

The competition for the consumer’s attention is tough online. Pop-up ads, videos on social media, a survey … you never know what’s going to distract someone from booking their salon appointment once they have their phone in hand.

To streamline booking and keep your salon front and center, Vagaro has integrated with Apple and Google maps.

Now, when a guest searches for your business, a widget within the map will pop up, allowing them to book an appointment straight from the map app.

“It’s going to make booking an appointment a lot easier, grabbing the client’s attention quicker and eliminating distraction,” says Sison. “Now customers won’t have to go to our Instagram or website after finding us on the map—they can just book.”

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