Men and women with thinning hair often turn to styling tools or extensions to bring back their volume and thickness. But to truly restore your hair, you have to address both internal and external issues. 

As we age, thinning hair can be caused by a variety of reasons—not just genetics. Hormones, stress, the environment, your metabolism and nutrition all affect hair growth. 

Nutrafol Hair Growth Nutraceuticals are clinically shown to improve hair growth, visible thickness and strength by targeting the multiple root causes of thinning hair in men and women through all life stages1-4.  Nutrafol’s four specialized formulas include Nutrafol Men, Nutrafol Women (ages 18-44), Nutrafol Postpartum and Nutrafol Women’s Balance (ages 45+). 

A patented blend of medical-grade natural ingredients make Nutrafol a safe, effective product for men and women with hair thinning and shedding.


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“Hair is a visual representation of our whole body health,” says Sam Archer, Nutrafol’s VP of Product Marketing and Innovation. “Hair follicles are tiny micro-organs sitting within the skin, constantly receiving signals from our metabolic, immune, cardiovascular and hormonal systems. When there are imbalances within our bodies, it can cause hair thinning and excess shedding as our bodies prioritize keeping our vital organs working.” 

“Through biological research and clinical testing, Nutrafol has developed four hair growth nutraceuticals that address underlying triggers within the body that can cause hair thinning.” Archer adds. 

“All Nutrafol products are developed with medical-grade, sustainably sourced ingredients in standardized dosages to ensure the highest level of efficacy,” Archer says. “At Nutrafol, we choose our ingredients through primary scientific research and hold ourselves to pharmaceutical standards in clinical testing of each product.”

Key ingredients in Nutrafol’s physician-formulated nutraceuticals include Ashwagandha (10% Withanolides), which helps balance stress hormones and support the hair growth cycle; Saw Palmetto, which lowers follicle-shrinking DHT hormone to promote hair growth; and Tocotrienol Complex, a super antioxidant that improves hair density by reducing environmental stress. These are just a few of the sustainably sourced ingredients used for maximum absorption and efficacy for reliable results.

Enhancing the Nutrafol Line-Up with Comprehensive Support from Scalp to Ends.

Now, Nutrafol is offering a new scalp care collection to provide balance directly at the scalp and defend hair from damage; three Scalp Microbiome products + Conditioner. Physician-formulated and stylist-tested, all products are color and extension safe, plus free of hormones, drugs, parabens, phthalates, silicones, sulfates and synthetic fragrance. 

Nutrafol’s new Scalp Microbiome products—Build-Up Blocker Exfoliating Mask, Root Purifier Shampoo and Stress Reliever Essence—were developed to promote healthy diversity of microflora on the scalp, creating the optimal ecosystem for hair to thrive.

Build-Up Blocker is an exfoliating mask that eliminates impurities like sebum and product buildup and visibly improves dryness and flakiness. 

Deeply cleansing while balancing pH levels, Root Purifier Shampoo is clinically shown to balance sebum production, while hydrating and nourishing the scalp. This sulfate free shampoo is gentle enough for everyday use. 

Stress Reliever Essence should be applied to the scalp daily to soothe an itchy, flaky scalp and balance pH levels. It’s clinically shown to calm redness and irritation, reduce dryness, and visibly improve hydration.5

The last product in the collection is intended for direct application on the hair itself, and not the scalp. Nutrafol’s Strand Defender Lightweight Protective Conditioner provides multi-layer protection to strengthen the hair cortex and reinforce the cuticle to defend against damage, replenish hair elasticity, improve moisture and balance the hair’s pH levels. 

Dr. Julie Russak, a board certified dermatologist and microbiome expert, explains the microbiome is a complex ecosystem that lives on the skin.

“It’s home to a variety of microorganisms that work in unison with our body to support our immune systems for a healthy and protective skin barrier,” she says. “The skin microbiome protects us from skin infections, rashes, acne, toxins, irritations, and advanced aging. The scalp microbiome is similarly a living ecosystem that influences hair health. It’s our first line of defense to the outside world, protecting our scalp and our hair from environmental stressors."

Nutrafol’s #1 Dermatologist Recommended Nutraceuticals + New Scalp Collection Optimizes Hair...
Nutrafol’s #1 Dermatologist Recommended Nutraceuticals + New Scalp Collection Optimizes Hair...

Dr. Russak states, “The scalp microbiome acts as a shield to the scalp itself. A strong scalp barrier ensures healthy hair quality, and provides protection from infection, flakiness, irritation, hair damage, and damaging toxins.”

“Some people with thinning hair think that washing their hair will cause shedding. But when they don’t wash their hair, it can lead to buildup and excess oil production, which clogs the follicles and disrupts growth,” she says.

“The other extreme is that some people use numerous products for hair thinning and apply too much product on the scalp and hair, which may lead to an irritated and stripped scalp with disrupted microbiome.”

“Your scalp needs a clean and balanced environment to house healthy hair follicles.  Gentle exfoliation allows for healthy cells to surface by removing buildup and dead cells. Nutrafol’s Exfoliating Mask clears dead skin and removes excess sebum instantly. Similarly, the Root Purifier Shampoo cleans hair without stripping, meaning good bacteria remain intact for a healthier scalp.” says Russak.

Clinically effective on their own, these new Nutrafol products may be used separately to target your clients’ individual needs— or together for the ultimate routine for improved scalp and strand health. Pair with Nutrafol Hair Growth Nutraceuticals for an individualized, whole-body approach to hair health.

Want to learn more about Nutrafol or offer Nutrafol to your clients? Visit to learn more. 


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