Madison Reed Founder + CEO Amy Errett started Madison Reed in 2013 with a strong belief that a confident woman is a beautiful woman, and that all women deserve more—from both their hair color AND their lives. Better hair color made with better ingredients, and better care for not only their hair, but for their communities. Amy believes this so deeply that she named the company after her daughter, Madison Reed.

Amy Errett disrupted an industry that lacked innovation for decades. Her mission? To provide an empowering new option—gorgeous, high-quality, Smart 8-Free, Leaping Bunny certified hair color. Madison Reed is a category leader in hair color and color care, thanks to their conditioning, multi-dimensional Smart 8-Free and Leaping Bunny certified formula—always crafted without ammonia, parabens, resorcinol, PPD, phthalates, gluten, SLS, and titanium dioxide. Their entire line of color is infused with nutrients that protect and pamper hair, while providing 100% gray coverage and natural-looking color with brilliant shine.

Inspiring Career Paths at Madison Reed’s Hair Color Bars
Inspiring Career Paths at Madison Reed’s Hair Color Bars

With Madison Reed, clients can choose to do their own hair, on their schedule, or get the same color applied by a licensed professional at the Madison Reed Hair Color Bar. Madison Reed currently operates 75 Hair Color Bars nationwide and growing!

The Madison Reed Hair Color Bar was established with the belief that hair color should be convenient, affordable, and made with ingredients you can feel good about. Licensed professional colorists at Madison Reed Hair Color Bars not only color their clients’ hair, they have walked thousands of women through the process of coloring their hair at home. If clients want in-person help finding their perfect shade, they can visit a Madison Reed Hair Color Bar for a free personalized consultation.

Mapping out a successful career in the beauty industry has never been easier thanks to Madison Reed, which offers inspiring careers at its Hair Color Bars: Associate Colorist, Colorist, Shift Lead, and General Manager. Read on to learn more about the benefits of working for Madison Reed no matter your position, the company’s new engaging products and services, and three different perspectives from behind the chair and on the floor in a Hair Color Bar.


Madison Reed is dedicated to offering its team members not just jobs but life-fulfilling careers. Colorists are set up for success with schedule management, flexibility, and incredible benefits, including:

  • Earn between $60,000 - $70,000 annually (including commission and tips)
  • Full-Time Health Benefits
    • Comprehensive Medical, Dental, and Vision Benefits
    • Generous Paid Time Off program
    • 100% Company Paid Mental Health Benefits
    • 401k Participation
    • Parental Leave
    • Madison Reed Gratis + Discounts on Hair Color Bar Services and Products
    • …and much more!
  • Flexible scheduling
  • An established client pipeline (Save time and money on marketing)
  • Unlimited Growth Opportunities (Earn a promotion from Associate Colorist to Colorist in a matter of months!)
  • Color Connect (A learning platform made specifically for Hair Color Bar team members)

Inspiring Career Paths at Madison Reed’s Hair Color Bars
Inspiring Career Paths at Madison Reed’s Hair Color Bars

New Products and Services

ColorSolve Hair Care System

ColorSolve Hair Care System, a line of shampoos, conditioners, and color depositing shots that address the needs of all types and textures of color-treated hair. Now you can give your client’s hair just what it needs—you can even add a Color Depositing Shot of ultra-concentrated blonde, brunette, or red pigment to shampoo to truly customize the hair care experience, maintaining vibrancy and reducing color fade.


This new service is offered exclusively at Madison Reed's Hair Color Bars by its team of licensed and highly trained colorists using their innovative ammonia-free powder bleach formula that delivers beautiful results on all hair colors and textures.

Inspiring Career Paths at Madison Reed’s Hair Color Bars
Inspiring Career Paths at Madison Reed’s Hair Color Bars

Career Journeys

Shift Lead - Liliana (New York, NY)

1. How long did it take you to become Shift Lead? Was it something you had initially considered upon starting your career at Madison Reed?

"It was something I was going for right in the beginning. I applied as a Colorist and got hired as a part-time team member. It took me around one year and two months to get promoted to Shift Lead."

2. What are your responsibilities with this promotion?

"You’re in management so there are more administrative responsibilities. You’re also assisting the General Manager, and taking the load off them whenever possible as well as running the floor and making sure everyone’s day is going smoothly. I’ve really been enjoying the business side of things — my family has been in the fashion business forever and I basically grew up learning how to keep inventory and make spreadsheets. I’m naturally good with numbers and organizing!"

3. Do you feel that Madison Reed has presented you with the tools you need to succeed in your career? What training did you receive and what additional ways did they offer you support?

"Madison Reed has given me the tools I need to succeed from the very beginning. On my first few days on the job, I’d leave work and think “I can’t believe I learned so much today!”. And there is so much more to learn! For example, getting the color line down.

Management and Colorists are all on each other’s side. Madison Reed gives team members access to an app - called Color Connect - where we’re constantly given new, interesting things to learn about, such as training modules and promotions. The entire team is supportive of each other and everyone helps each other grow."

4. What makes you excited to come to work every day?

"The people! I really love the team I get to work with. Not to mention the best manager I’ve ever had, Allesandra! Our team has endless positive energy and absolutely zero negativity. Everyone lifts each other up every day!"

Assistant General Manager- Dennis (Hayes Valley, CA)

1. How long did it take you to become Assistant General Manager? Was it something you had initially considered upon starting your career at Madison Reed?

"I've worked here for a little over a year.  I knew there was a possibility to move up, but I didn't immediately consider the option of management when I joined because I loved being a colorist and was happy doing that. But once I started at Madison Reed and was immersed in the amazing culture and saw the passion for the product, I started to consider expanding my career here."

2. What are your responsibilities with this promotion?

"To support my peers; to coach them and lend my support to them in the color bar as needed. I am tasked with achieving sales goals and other leading key performance indicators. I also interact directly with clients to deliver a distinct and delightful client experience, mapped to their specific needs."

3. Do you feel that Madison Reed has presented you with the tools you need to succeed in your career? What training did you receive and what additional ways did they offer you support?

"Yes, Madison Reed has given me the tools for success and continues to do so. The company encourages constant growth and offers a library of training information and videos as well as working with me one-on-one. I have felt so much support, from my immediate supervisor to the owner herself."

4. What is the company culture like? What makes you excited to come to work?

"The culture is what has drawn me to and kept me here. Everyone is incredibly supportive and genuine. They live our core values; Love, Courage, Trust, Joy, Responsibility.   I love coming to work, everyday is different and it keeps the energy going.  I love the clients, my co-workers, everyone feels like a family and when clients come in I want them to feel that too. I am excited about the growth of the company. It fills a need in the industry and community and is a great product!"

General Manager - Candice (Denver, CO)

1. How do you seek to inspire your team every day?

"I like to lead by example.  I provide an experienced, professional service to each and every client.  Every one of my clients is treated like the most important client of the day. In return, I hope my team members are inspired to do the same. I want my team to know that I am here for the same reason and can help out and do everything that they have to do as well. I don't like it when Managers think that because of the title that they don't have to help out with salon duties as well. When my team sees me giving it my all, they are right there with me doing the same thing."

2. How did your career trajectory lead you to this position at Madison Reed?

"After years of running my own business, I wanted the challenge of managing a busy, high-end business that could provide my family and I a stable, comfortable living. Owning your own company is very challenging and has a lot of moving parts that need to be addressed constantly. Madison Reed has given me the opportunity to do that while offering that marketing and benefits side of working. I see growth in my future in ways that I had never imagined. I also wanted an opportunity to give back and teach the next generation of great stylists. Showing them that hard work and dedication can help you succeed and grow with this company."

3. What is the company culture like?

"Our core values are Love, Joy, Courage,Trust, and Responsibility.  Which I think are the 5 greatest things you need to work in this industry. You have to have the love and joy doing what you do, in turn it will give you the courage to do it. And trust and responsibility is needed to make Madison Reed continue to grow as a company. Having all of us as a team and still being in contact with Amy the founder,  meeting and speaking with her monthly, shows that she loves and trusts us to have the responsibility and courage to run her salon and provide love and joy to each and every stylist and client."

4. What are you looking forward to most with the future expansion of Madison Reed color bar locations?

"I'm looking forward to being a part of building something new with Madison Reed. Since I've been a General Manager, I've seen our results improve each month to become one of the top earning stores within the company.

Madison Reed entrusted me to open our new store in Aspen Grove and I'm confident our team will take Madison Reed to the top there as well.

The concept of this business model is incredible, and I am eager to be able to oversee a hub in the future and possibly take on the role of District Manager.  Watching my team and this company grow has been an incredible experience."

Inspiring Career Paths at Madison Reed’s Hair Color Bars
Inspiring Career Paths at Madison Reed’s Hair Color Bars

Madison Reed Hair Color Bars provide an atmosphere where stylists can showcase their skills in color and flourish as a team, no matter their position. Being a part of the Madison Reed team means creating confidence and beauty one client at a time while embodying the company’s core values; Love, Courage, Trust, Joy, and Responsibility.

Madison Reed reinvented the salon experience, so you can reimagine your career in beauty. If you're looking for unlimited growth opportunities, unparalleled compensation and benefits, and a culture that celebrates you, you'll find all that and more at a Madison Reed Hair Color Bar. Join Madison Reed in disrupting the haircare industry and Apply Now.

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