Lived-in color specialist Amy Bee (@hairbyamybee) always appreciates a haircare and color brand that helps her easily refresh her clients’ color while also keeping their hair strong. For Bee, one of those brands is Linange Italy, a line of high-quality products that keep the focus on beautiful, healthy hair.

Not only does Linange have everything you need to keep your clients’ hair looking bright, dimensional and healthy, but they also help your clients maintain the intensity of their color and strength of their strands at home between appointments. See how Amy Bee uses Linange to keep her clients feeling beautiful.

Blonde Recharge

Bee uses Linange to transforms this client’s color to a fall-inspired blonde with dark warmth woven in for maximum dimension. To keep the integrity of the hair perfectly intact, she uses Linange’s Spa Emergency Collagen Mask, which is enriched with essential ingredients like collagen, shea butter, ceramides and keratin for strength and moisture.

Caramel Color Shift

Bee takes this client a bit darker and warmer with highlights to reintroduce dimension and to have the hair grow out nicely. Although the client’s hair was a bit compromised to start, a trim and the moisturizing products in Linange’s Bright Lift Lightener with SpecialPlex Formula brought it back to life.

At-Home Refresh

If your clients sometimes feel like they need to re-intensify their color, but aren’t ready for an appointment just yet, Linange has the perfect solution in their Revive Color Masks. The deep conditioning and toning treatment comes in several colors, including ‘Transparent’ if your client just needs some shine and moisture.

If you’re looking for a brand that will help you achieve your clients’ wildest color dreams without compromising their hair, Linange can certainly fulfill that for you—and then some.

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