If you’re a blonding specialist, you need a professional hair brand that serves all your lightening needs. Blonding is not just one service; it can include any number of different processes. Linange Italy is one brand that has absolutely everything you need to make your client’s blonde stand out.

Master Colorist Stephanie Hodges (@stephhstyles) appreciates Linange’s wide range of products that help her accomplish any look she wants to achieve on her clients. Since Hodges does a lot of blondes, she’s discovered several different ways to use Linange to her advantage. See some of her tips below.


Hodges brightens up this client considerably with a full highlight, base bump, and tone, really helping this blonde pop. Installing some new extensions adds length, really showing off the gloriousness of the golden color.


After lifting sections of this client’s hair, Hodges seals the color in with Linange’s Kolorplex Color Protection Shampoo and Color Protection Mask. No need to compromise color when washing!


To add maximum shine, Hodges treats this client’s hair with Linange’s Revive Deep Conditioning Treatment in Clear. This toning color mask illuminates dull hair with an extra color bump while providing softness and shine. The clear shade is used to add that shine without the color, just like Hodges demonstrates here.

If you’re curious about what other products Linange offers, whether for blonding or beyond, you can learn about the whole range of professional products at linange.com.

Visit linange.com to learn more.

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