Personal boundaries are essential for establishing a healthy sense of self and maintaining positive relationships with others. They are the physical, emotional, and mental limits that we set to protect ourselves and define our individuality.

Shelby Bettencourt, a stylist, salon owner, podcast host, and breathwork facilitator, will be presenting at MODERN SALON's Independent Bootcamp in Miami on May 22 on the topic of boundaries and how to communicate them clearly to help others understand our needs and limits.  Ultimately, the goal of boundaries is to improve relationships--with clients, with others, and with ourselves. 

Bettencourt will also share her experience with incorporating breathwork into her life and how it partners with boundary-setting to promote emotional wellbeing.  Both are about protecting your emotional energy, and go a long way to helping beauty professionals avoid burnout and stress. 

Here's a sneak peek at what Bettencourt will be sharing with us in a presentation that will offer insight into how respecting our own boundaries and communicating them clearly to others can lead to a more fulfilling and meaningful life and career. 

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