Premiere Beauty Show made its West Coast debut on April 2-3, 2023 at the Anaheim Convention Center. 
 -  Photo: Gregory Fletcher

Premiere Beauty Show made its West Coast debut on April 2-3, 2023 at the Anaheim Convention Center.

Photo: Gregory Fletcher

It has long been my wish to attend a Premiere Beauty Show and in April 2023 my wish finally came true!

The Premiere Show Group made its much-anticipated West Coast debut April 2-3, 2023 at the Anaheim Convention Center with 10,000 visitors from an energized beauty community, made up of licensed beauty professionals, spa, salon and barbershop owners, and beauty school students. The professionals-only show was organized by USA Beauty LLC, a joint venture between Informa Markets, BolognaFiere, and the Professional Beauty Association (PBA). As a result of the joint venture, the International Salon & Spa Expo (ISSE), previously sponsored by the PBA, has now evolved to be a part of the Premiere Beauty franchise.

The show floor was buzzing with demonstrations, new product launches, shopping opportunities, and live stage performances from nearly 200 top professional beauty brands and service providers. In addition, Premiere Anaheim offered about 250 educational classes and hands-on workshops for beauty professionals to gain knowledge, network, and explore new products.

I had the incredible opportunity to attend the first-ever Premiere Anaheim show for two days, and I must say, it was an absolute blast! The beauty show had a variety of industries represented, but as a nail professional, I was particularly thrilled with the range of nail-related exhibitors and events. I met so many talented nail artists, learned about new techniques and products, and even got a chance to receive stunning nails by some amazing nail artists. In this article, I am excited to share some of my experiences from the show, with a specific focus on the nail profession.


One of the most significant aspects of the Premiere Anaheim Beauty Show was the opportunity to attend several educational classes presented by leading professionals in the nail industry.

Vicki Malo and Keeli Moriarty  -  Photo: Gregory Fletcher

Vicki Malo and Keeli Moriarty

Photo: Gregory Fletcher

One of the classes I attended was the It's All About Toenails class featuring Vicki Malo @northamericanschoolofpodology) and sponsored by the North American School of Podology. Vicki Malo is a renowned expert in the field of foot care, and her class focused on educating nail professionals on the importance of proper foot care and hygiene. Vicki addressed a number of toenail disorders resulting from trauma, disease, neglect, and ill-fitting shoes. She emphasized that toenail disorders can cause discomfort, pain, and even affect the overall health of the foot. The class was interactive and attendees had the opportunity to ask questions and seek advice from Vicki Malo. The class provided valuable information for Nail Professionals to enhance their knowledge and skills in providing effective foot care services to their clients.

Anna Wesolowska  -  Photo: Gregory Fletcher

Anna Wesolowska

Photo: Gregory Fletcher

Another class I attended was Cat Eye Gel Polish Nail Art featuring Anna Wesolowska @anna_wesolowska_nail_artist), sponsored by My Little Nail Art Shop. Anna Wesolowska, a talented nail artist with years of experience, taught the class some easy designs that can be created in minutes. Anna shared her tips and tricks for creating stunning cat eye gel polish designs, including how to properly apply the gel polish and how to create unique patterns using magnets. Anna demonstrated how to use various sized magnets to create various designs. Anna's class was informative and engaging and attendees left with a newfound appreciation for the versatility of cat eye gel polish.

Lysa Comfort  -  Photo: Gregory Fletcher

Lysa Comfort

Photo: Gregory Fletcher

I also attended Electric Filing featuring Lysa Comfort of Charisma Nail Innovations. Lysa is a respected figure in the nail industry and has made significant contributions to the field, including founding The International Nail Judges Association (INJA) and creating America's first competition-related reality television show, Nail'd It. During the class, Lysa shared her knowledge and expertise on the proper use of an electric file. Attendees learned how to choose the appropriate bits, and how to properly handle and maintain the equipment. Lysa emphasized the importance of using electric filing in a safe and effective manner, highlighting techniques to prevent damage to the natural nail and surrounding skin. She also addressed common concerns such as heat generation and dust control, providing attendees with practical tips and solutions.

Lauren Wireman  -  Photo: Gregory Fletcher

Lauren Wireman

Photo: Gregory Fletcher

Lastly, I attended Help, I'm Overwhelmed – Nail Art featuring Lauren Wireman @wildflowers_lauren), sponsored by Wildflowers. The class was designed to help nail professionals who feel overwhelmed by the vast number of nail art options available to them. Unfortunately, technical difficulties prevented Lauren from using visual aids, and she had to pivot to a discussion about the psychology of nail art. Despite the unexpected change of plans, Lauren was able to provide valuable insights into the world of nail art and how it impacts the clients' expectations. Lauren acknowledged the challenges that nail professionals face when it comes to creating nail art designs that meet their clients' expectations. She emphasized the importance of communication as well as setting realistic expectations. Lauren also addressed the impact of social media on nail art trends and how it can create unrealistic expectations for clients. Overall, Lauren's class was a valuable reminder that nail art is not just about technical skills but also about focusing on the clients' needs and expectations. By doing so, nail professionals can create designs that not only look great but also make the clients feel good about themselves. 

Nail Artists

During my time at the Premiere Anaheim show, I had the pleasure of experiencing the talent of several nail technicians. I was excited to see what these professionals could do and I was not disappointed! Each technician had their own unique style and technique, and it was fascinating to watch them work. The end result was stunning. The intricate designs, vibrant colors, and flawless application left me thrilled with my new nails. It was clear that these technicians were passionate about their craft and took great pride in creating beautiful nail art. I was grateful for the opportunity to witness their skills firsthand and to leave the show with gorgeous, expertly crafted nails.

Lysa Comfort and Gregory Fletcher  -  Photo: Gregory Fletcher

Lysa Comfort and Gregory Fletcher

Photo: Gregory Fletcher

Lysa Comfort @lysacomfort) representing Charisma Nail Innovations. Lysa has been doing nails for over 30 years. Charisma Nail Innovations is based in Los Angeles, CA.

Melanie Coppolella @mels_nails) is the head of education for Bio Sculpture USA. She has been doing nails for over 20 years. Melanie is based in Irvine, CA.

Guin Deadman (@nailsbyguin) is an international educator for LeChat. She has been doing nails for over 25 years and judging nail competitions for over four years. Guin also led a class titled Fun, Fast, and Fabulous Nail Art. Guin is based in Grand Junction, CO.

Taho Do representing Gelish @gelishprofessional). Taho has been doing nails for over 19 years. I also met the charming Morgan Haile of Morgan Taylor (@mtmorgantaylor). Gelish / Morgan Taylor is based in Brea, CA.

Heidi Nguyen representing @evolution_nailproducts). Heidi has been doing nails for over 25 years. Heidi generously created two nails for me.

Robert Nguyen @gottinail) CEO of Gotti Nails. Robert has been doing nails for over 16 years. Gotti Nails is based in Carlsbad, CA.

Dylan Pritchard  -  Photo: Gregory Fletcher

Dylan Pritchard

Photo: Gregory Fletcher

Dylan Pritchard @thenailwhisperer) representing Kokoist USA. Dylan has been doing nails for over 15 years. He is based in Las Vegas, NV.

Sayaka Stein ( is a Calgel Educator. Sayaka has been doing nails for 15 years. She is based in Beverly Hills, CA.

Lee Thai @leethai) also representing Le Chat. She has been doing nails for over 25 years. Lee owns the Gel Touch Nail Spa in Carlsbad, CA.

I wish to acknowledge and thank the various nail technicians who graciously gave their time to create ten works of amazing nail art for me. Each nail was unique, showcasing the creativity and skill of the talented nail artists. Here is the result of my “Nails by Committee” adventure.

Other Events

In addition to attending informative classes and receiving stunning nail art, I also had the opportunity to visit various booths and meet with various industry professionals at the beauty show.

Wildflowers Play Station  -  Photo: Gregory Fletcher

Wildflowers Play Station

Photo: Gregory Fletcher

One of the highlights was the Wildflowers Nail Art Play Station, where attendees could experiment with various nail art techniques using Wildflowers products. It was an interactive and fun experience, allowing for hands-on creativity.

I also had the pleasure of meeting Katie Masters (@nailthoughts), who was representing Kokoist USA at the show. Katie is a well-known nail artist and educator, and it was exciting to chat with her about new nail art trends and techniques.

Another memorable encounter was with Linda and Jim Nordstrom of Famous Names, a company well known for their innovative nail care products. It was great to learn more about their products and the science behind them.

Unfortunately time did not allow attending all the show’s offered classes. Some of the classes I missed attending included the following:

Jaime Schrabeck, Ph.D. @precisionnails) conducted two classes: Your Salon, Your Rules and Waterless Spa Pedicures. I have attended these classes at previous beauty shows and they are both excellent and worthwhile.

Holly Schippers @fingernailfixer) conducted two classes: Color Theory & Skin Tones for Nails and Salon Consultations, Disinfections, and Natural Nail Prep. I have attended Holly’s classes at previous beauty shows and found them enjoyable and informative.

Premiere Beauty Show brought in 10,000 attendees.  -  Photo: Premiere Anaheim

Premiere Beauty Show brought in 10,000 attendees.

Photo: Premiere Anaheim

Attending the Premiere Anaheim beauty show was an excellent opportunity to learn, network, and explore new products. I left the show feeling energized and inspired to continue my education and improve my skills as a nail professional. The show provided valuable education, and the opportunity to interact with some of the leading professionals in the industry, and I look forward to attending more trade shows in the future.

For those who are passionate about the beauty industry, the upcoming Premiere Orlando event is scheduled to take place from June 3-5, 2023, at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. With about 650 education opportunities, 500 exhibitors, and 50 workshops, Premiere Orlando is a great opportunity for beauty professionals to come together to share their expertise, learn about the latest trends, and discover new products and services.

If it has been a while since you have attended a beauty trade show, or if you have never been to one, it is definitely time to plan to attend one. Beauty trade shows can be a great opportunity to learn new techniques, network with fellow professionals and stay up-to-date on industry trends. But perhaps even more importantly, it is also a chance to celebrate the beauty industry and the artistry that goes into it. It’s like hanging out with your tribe — and what is better than that!

Gregory Fletcher is a licensed nail technician in San Diego, CA. His Instagram is @millennium_nails_san_diego.

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