If you work behind the chair, it’s almost guaranteed that you have some clients who want to grow their hair or improve their hair fullness. They do their best to care for it at home, but they want something that will really work, with a difference they can really see.

For those clients, it may be worth it to recommend Viviscal Professional. The Viviscal line of products includes shampoo and conditioner, a hair serum, and drug-free supplements to promote healthy hair growth, with results visible in as little as three to six months. Barber and MODERN SALON 100 alum Tkeya Cox (@keythebarber) shares how her Viviscal journey has been going for her natural hair and why she confidently recommends the regimen for anyone.

For Women and Men

Hair loss can be traumatic for anyone, no matter their gender. Luckily, as Cox points out, Viviscal Pro is effective for everyone. For your clients who want their hair to be longer, stronger or fuller, you can feel good about using these products on them, as well as sending some retail along home with them.

For Natural Hair

Viviscal Pro creates a healthy environment on and below the surface of your scalp, while the AminoMar marine complex formula of the supplements provides your body with the necessary nutrients for growth. And the best part is, it doesn’t matter what your hair texture is—this is a “one size fits all” regimen.

For You

Viviscal Pro is not just good for your clients—it’s good for you, too! And if your clients are seeing your hair thrive, think about how that increases their trust in you and your expertise when recommending products. So don’t forget to treat yourself with this effective hair growth routine, too.

If you’re curious about how Viviscal Pro can help you treat your clients to healthy hair growth, sign up to the professional section of their website to learn more.

Visit vxprohair.com to discover Viviscal’s Authorized Retailer program.

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