Get Your Hands on the Nailed It Trivia Card Game
Get Your Hands on the Nailed It Trivia Card Game

There's a wonderful new addition to the world of trivia games and one that is right up our/your alley - "Nailed It Trivia Card Game." Specifically designed for nail technicians and enthusiasts, this game promises to deliver hours of fun and engaging entertainment while putting their knowledge of pop culture and the nail industry to the ultimate test.

Time to Play Nailed It Trivia!

This unique card game combines the thrill of trivia with the artistry of nails. With over 70+ nail-related questions encompassing various aspects of pop culture, "Nailed It Trivia Card Game" is the perfect blend of fun, education, and entertainment for nail techs across the globe.

With a unique focus on culture and nail nerdiness, this new card game is a nail tech must-have.

With a unique focus on culture and nail nerdiness, this new card game is a nail tech must-have.

Nailed It Trivia Card Game

Key Features of "Nailed It Trivia Card Game":

1.     Pop Culture and Nail Knowledge: Dive into the exciting world of nails and pop culture with questions that cover a wide range of topics, including celebrity nail trends, iconic nail art designs, and much more.

2.     Challenging Gameplay: Test your skills and challenge your friends or colleagues to see who truly knows their way around the nail industry. The game offers various gameplay modes suitable for both solo play and group sessions.

3.     Engaging and High-Quality Design: Immerse yourself in the visually stunning world of the "Nailed It Trivia Card Game." Each card features vibrant illustrations and meticulously crafted questions to provide an immersive and enjoyable experience.

4.     Portable and Versatile: Whether you're at a nail salon, on a break, or hosting a nail-themed gathering, the compact size of the game allows you to take it anywhere. It's the perfect way to engage and entertain fellow nail technicians during downtime.

Get Your Hands on the Nailed It Trivia Card Game

Nailed It Trivia Card Game

The creators of the game believe that the "Nailed It Trivia Card Game" will not only entertain nail techs but also serve as an educational tool, fostering conversations and knowledge sharing within the nail community. Its unique focus on the intersection of pop culture and the nail industry makes it a must-have for both nail enthusiasts and professionals.

About the Creator of Nailed It Trivia 

Phylicia Henry (Ms. P), widely known as @passportnails and the founder of @theblackpearlprogram, is a passionate advocate for youth empowerment and a highly skilled nail instructor and State Board Examiner. With an unwavering dedication to fostering creativity and self-confidence among young individuals, Phylicia has made a remarkable impact in her field.

As the driving force behind @passportnails, Phylicia has built a thriving community centered around Nail Art, Nail Business and Self-Empowerment through the idea of doing what you love will never feel like work! Through her captivating designs and expert business techniques, she has inspired thousands of aspiring nail enthusiasts to explore their artistic potential and develop their own unique styles while obtaining their Nail Technician license.

In addition to her influential online presence, Phylicia has been instrumental in shaping the lives of young girls of color through her work with @theblackpearlprogram. This groundbreaking initiative works directly with the Department of Education serving as a platform to empower underprivileged youth by providing them with comprehensive self-esteem education, mentorship opportunities and trade skills to become self-sufficient. 

The program is even followed by Naomi Campbell! 

Through her role as a nail instructor, Phylicia has equipped countless aspiring professionals with the skills and knowledge necessary to thrive in the beauty industry. With a rich background in working with youth and her expertise as a nail instructor, Phylicia Henry is the perfect blend of passion, talent, and purpose. Her innovative approach to nail art, coupled with her unwavering commitment to nurturing young talent, makes her a highly sought-after figure in the industry.




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