Google Trends reveals a 32% increase in worldwide searches for ‘sequin dress’ over the last 90...

Google Trends reveals a 32% increase in worldwide searches for ‘sequin dress’ over the last 90 days.

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It’s that time of year again when office holiday parties are in full swing, and now is the perfect time to start preparing for the occasion.  

Fashion experts at Boohoo have analyzed Google data to reveal the most trending looks this season and how you can style them to ensure you feel confident at your holiday party. 

“Everyone’s office Christmas party is an anticipated event, so it’s important to plan your look to feel your most confident and stylish on the night. Using Google data to find this season’s hottest trends means that you can make a statement this holiday and certainly elevate the party mood. This guide can offer inspiration for making this festive celebration the best night of the year while looking flawless.” 

— A Boohoo Spokesperson

Bring fun to the party with sparkle 

Confidence begins before you step into the room — don’t forget to check the dress code and leave plenty of time to choose your attire. Dressing in something sparkly or sequinned is a fun way to stand out from the crowd and channel the holiday spirit; you simply can’t go wrong with these choices, and the rest of the world appears to agree, with a 32% increase in worldwide Google searches for ‘sequin dress’ over the last 90 days. Pair this with sparkly earrings while keeping the heels simple to draw the crowd’s attention to the dress, the true showstopper.  

Embrace texture this season 

Texture is hot this season, from lace to satin — and it’s a fun way to liven up your style and feel confident. The list continues with anything tasselled, feathered, and ruffled being on-trend right now, and Google searches for ‘ruffle sleeves’ have exploded by 89% across the globe in the last 90 days. Pair these looks with simple gold or silver jewelry to make a statement while you dance the night away — even if you’re not feeling your most confident, your bold outfit will exude a confident energy. As the saying goes, fake it until you make it!  

Elevate your look with this season’s trending color 

Alternatively, if you prefer a more understated outfit, try a monochromatic look with bold makeup for an easy confidence boost. Red is the color of the season this year, and with worldwide searches for ‘cherry red lipstick’ rocketing by 226% in the past 90 days, be sure not to miss out on this trend. If red lipstick is not for you, try a cherry red blush to make your cheeks pop and give you that radiant glow; remember to use lip liner and setting spray to ensure that you’re camera-ready on the night.  

Carry the essentials with confidence 

A handbag is a must to complete your look for the holiday party while boosting your confidence with peace of mind that you have all the essentials. Bring makeup brushes and lipstick to perfect your look in between eating, drinking and dancing, as well as some perfume to keep heads turning. These extra items will ensure that you feel confident and prepared throughout the holiday party while your handbag adds the final touch to your outfit.  

Worldwide searches for ‘red shoulder bag’ have soared by 81% in the past 90 days, giving you the perfect opportunity to coordinate some elements within your outfit. Similarly, if you choose a sparkly or sequinned number as your outfit, then go for a matching bag to complete your look — ‘sparkly bag’ searches have increased by a significant 44% worldwide over the past 90 days on Google, highlighting its popularity this party season.  

Step into the holidays with this season’s trending shoes 

Boots are a timeless footwear piece in everyone’s wardrobe — and this season, ‘heeled boots’ are particularly on-trend, with searches exploding by 52% worldwide in the past 90 days. Black-heeled boots are the perfect option to go with any outfit to add a touch of elegance — just remember to bring some more comfortable shoes to dance in as the night goes on, just in case!  

If you’re not a heels lover, why not join the ballet flats trend? On TikTok, #balletflats has seen a staggering 184 million views in the U.S. — this stylish alternative will go with any outfit, and you could even opt for a bold shade to add a burst of color to your look this holiday season. 

Getting into the party spirit 

The process of getting glammed up and ready is crucial to ensure that you feel confident on the night of your office holiday party. Listen to your favorite playlist and enjoy a drink to hype yourself up; you could even take some photos and send them to your friends to show them your look, and they will inevitably give you some confidence-boosting compliments before your night begins. And finally, always enter the room with a smile and enjoy yourself! 

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