Color Chameleon

We talked about face shape on page 16 and what hair designs complement certain features, but what about hair color? Color placement plays a key role in the hair's movement and balance, and determines which features are accentuated and which are camouflaged, explains Redken's Art of Consultation guide to color placement. Redken's tips to follow:

Different Color for Different Face Shapes

Because the jawline is significantly wider than the brow bone, highlight or lighten hair color at the forehead; darken hair color from the ears down.

The width of the face is noticeably more than 2/3 of the length, creating the illusion of a short face, so darken hair color at the temple, forehead and jawline.

Cheekbones are clearly wider than brow bone and jawline, so highlight at the temples and ears; highlight or lighten hair at the forehead and jawline.

Darken hair color at the cheeks and jaw to help camouflage curved lines; highlight above the forehead to add length to the face.

Inverted Triangle
Brow bone and cheekbones are significantly wider than jawline, darken hair color at the temples and forehead; highlight or lighten hair from the bottom of the ears to the top of the chin.

As it is the ideal face shape, any hair color placement will work; try to avoid accentuating length with highlights.

As the face is noticeably longer than it is wide, darken hair color at the forehead; highlight or lighten hair from the temple down to the jaw.

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