You bring in educators to teach the hottest trends to your staffers, who then pass along the latest hair fashion twists to their clients. But how successful is your salon at reeling in the high-power influencers—the clients most likely to be first at trying out that latest hair cut or color technique?

To position your salon as the place to go for edgy looks, devise a plan. First, group brainstorm: jot down the names of the most fashion-forward women in your area. Then narrow the field to those you could reasonably attract.

You might include Starbucks’ employees, local newscasters, artists and socialites—a wide range of women who would be comfortable altogether in one place. Next, plan an evening event at the salon and invite everyone on the list. Solicit the help of a local beauty editor for theme suggestions that will also serve to strengthen your business’ image in the community, such as a charity fundraiser or health seminar. 

At the function, cue staffers to fan out, offering their cut, color or style services to the guests—on the spot. Consider presenting fashion demonstrations—the latest in wig wear or hair extensions, for example. Or for a fun surprise, throw a party for the trendiest men in the neighborhood. Finally, follow through at every level of salon operation—retail display, product sampling and in-house promotions—to establish your salon as the most fashion-savvy in town.

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