Don't Let the Economy Get You Down!

Q. Dear Modern, How do I get new clients when opening a salon in this economic climate? Anne P., Buffalo, NY

A. Anne, to get new customers for a salon opening in a bad economy you have to provide services they don't currently have access to, delivered in a way that they have yet to see and experience. If a new salon is offering the same services as everyone else, there isn't any incentive for customers to give a new establishment a try.

Consumers are very hesitant to give up their beauty regimens, even in economic downturns. However, prices become critical as people are much more aware where their dollar is going. A key to ensuring clients come into the salon and stay as loyal customers is to provide goods and services in a cost-effective manner while providing plenty of options to personally tailor any treatment.

My background is in the hospitality industry, so I'm well-versed in personalized attention and meeting customer demand; I see the beauty industry as very similar. A visit to the salon should be viewed as a destination, not a chore. Top-of-the-line and proprietary treatments, a high level of personalized service, competitive pricing and luxurious surroundings will ensure new client traffic and repeat clients.

-- Billy Karasik, co-owner of Salon Luba in Hackensack, New Jersey

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