After a summer filled with brightly colored sundresses, streaky blonde hair and flashy sandals, fall is upon us. As the weather changes, so does fashion. And as we all know, fashion and beauty go hand-in-hand. When your clients start pulling on sweaters and wrapping scarves around their necks, it's time to talk about new hair color.

But before you start the color conversation, educate yourself on what's happening in fashion. Pantone's Fashion Color Report for fall 2009 is the perfect place to start. The report reveals what's happening with color in the world of fashion this season. Use it as a guide to giving clients the most flattering shades to complement their fall wardrobes.

The List
According to Pantone, subtle contrasts make up the palette for this season's popular shades. Designers are using a broad spectrum, resulting in unique color combinations.

"The fall 2009 palette is more unique and thoughtful than the typical autumnal hues of years past," says Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute. "Designers recognize the desire for fundamental basics that speak to current economic conditions, but also understand the need to incorporate vibrant color to grab the consumers' eyes and entice them to buy."

Here's a look at the fall 2009 list:
Pantone's Fall Predictions
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  • American Beauty: This true red looks great on every skin tone.
  • Purple Heart: It's not lavender, plum or lilac … it's true purple and a great accent color and complement to American Beauty.
  • Honey Yellow: A perfect shade of yellow for fall with gorgeous golden undertones.
  • Iron: The "new black" for fall 2009 is neither gray nor brown, but somewhere in between that makes it the perfect neutral.
  • Crème Brulée: This beige with a hint of gray is more interesting than your basic off-white.
  • Nomad: Darker than Crème Brulée and lighter than Iron, Nomad is a classic, timeless neutral.
  • Burnt Sienna: The old fall favorite from the Crayola box is popular again with its warm, earthy shade of orange.
  • Rapture Rose: This deep pink is softer than fuschia and a very feminine take on a fall shade.
  • Warm Olive: A rich yellow-green that is sophisticated enough to be paired with more vibrant colors.
  • Majolica Blue: This dark teal blue stand-out is a departure from standard navy.

Don't forget to make fashion part of the conversation during your client consultation. Find out what colors your client is planning on wearing this fall and plan a hair hue that will complement her fall wardrobe. She'll appreciate the extra step in her consultation and you'll get to flex your creative muscles a bit more than the usual highlights.
Pantone's Fall Predictions
A warm brown shade with subtle highlights looks great with a hat in "Purple Heart" and wrap in "Nomad" at the Catherine Holstein Fall/Winter 2009 show.
Hair: Thomas Dunkin for Sebastian
Photography: Gerardo Somoza

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