As we’ve seen in the news, some industries are being affected more than others—the auto industry and banking industry being primary examples. But hotels, airlines, vacation resorts, wedding planners and other “luxury” industries are being affected as well.


How do you define luxury? Simply, it’s something you can do without. You can live without a Disney vacation this year. You can drive to the family reunion rather than fly. You can make do without a new car. You can even plan a wedding without the help of a professional (I’m becoming an expert on this one).


So where does hair color fit into this line of thinking? You can live without getting your hair colored or highlighted. You can even go to the drugstore, buy a box of hair color and do it yourself. Obviously, as a hair colorist, this is exactly the type of thinking you’re trying to combat right now. You’ve probably given your clients detailed information on the benefits of professional color including the health of their hair, the quality of the service they’ll receive and the length of time the service will last.


But the bottom line is this: Getting your hair colored is something that makes you feel good for a reasonable price. It’s cheaper than buying a car or getting plastic surgery or taking a vacation. But it has the same general effect—it’s an uplifting, feel-good experience that lasts (perhaps even longer than the vacation would).


What about those clients that insist on taking that feel-good experience into their own hands with a box of hair color from the drugstore? The first thing they will experience is a mess—anyone who has ever colored their own hair knows it’s not a pleasant experience. The next thing they’ll experience is disappointment. Because as we all know, boxed color rarely turns out as shown on the box, let alone as good as a salon service.


Keep talking to your clients about the benefits of professional hair color. Some will continue to visit your regularly. Others, who may have lost a job or fallen on difficult times, may not. But they’ll be back. And you’ll weather this economic crisis because you’re delivering beautiful results and the happiness that comes from looking your best.


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