I have just arrived in this fantastic city on a visit with Aveda to celebrate the opening of the Madeleine Cofano Salon in the fashonable 8th district of Paris. I have always thought that the greatest thing about Paris is that it looks exactly the way you expect Paris to look. The distinctive architecture, the winding streets, the charming shops, bistros, florists and, yes, salons that seem to dot every street corner never disappoint.

From the taxi, I saw a lovely woman with short skit and very high heels and that quintessential Parisian style wave to a friend and walk to the curb where she jumped on her motor bike and sped off into the narrow, traffic-clogged street. Just what you’d expect to see here.

Tonight we dine at Les Ombres, a restaurant in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower and tomorrow I get highlights at the Madeleine Cofano Salon!

From Paris we will visit Lyon and the village of Lesches-en-Diois where local farmers grow and distill the lavender that Aveda uses in so many of its products. Joining the trip is Ko-Ichi Shiozawa, Aveda’s Master Natural Perfumer who works his magic in the company’s manufacturing headquarters in Blaine, Minnesota.

Now I’m off to explore the neighborhood around our lodging, the venerable Hotel Scribe. I'll have more tomorrow!

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