In the 10-minute online business show, Andrew shared an interesting insight about business cards. He spoke about how he had a collection of business cards and how he laid them out on a table and asked, “You know what I saw? That’s right, a table full of business cards.”  He explained that when someone asks him for a business card he gives them his book. Why?  Yes it is more expensive, but now the people he meets take him home and get to spend time with him virtually. Plus, because he has a book, he instantly becomes more interesting and important. I sat there, and within five minutes had the concept finalized for our team book, “50 Ideas That Will Make Your Hair Better.”  

I then went to our team and asked every member to submit a minimum of five hair tips their guests could use. In one week’s time we had nearly 100 ideas. I spent the weekend categorizing the ideas into chapters based on the ideas submitted. Here they are:

Hair Color & Shine
Healthy Hair
Curly Hair
Volume & Body
Special Occasions
Travel Tips
Updating Your Hair
And a Bonus 20% off for New Guests

The book offers ideas and tips, and each chapter was edited to give a feeling of one voice and the booklet is written as if our team was sought out because of our talent for the tips.  

Once organized, I returned the edited booklets to the team on Tuesday, and by Friday, they read and made corrections. Then, the following Tuesday, a final edit was redistributed to the team and we were able to send it to the printer by Thursday. The following week our team had 5,000 books, 3” by 4” with 22 pages of great hair tips to hand out. We distributed initially at gyms, restaurants and community groups, and because of its format, people started grabbing them.

Now, we use them exclusively at our studios giving them to every existing guest when they leave in hopes of them distributing it to their friends. Then, to incentivize, we have our thank-you rewards at both of our studios, which rewards our current guests who tell their friends about our team and build our businesses … but more on that next month.

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