After finding the perfect dress and making reservations at their favorite restaurant, the next biggest thing your clients are worrying about is, you guessed it, their hair.  Everybody knows the perfect hair style for a special occasion completes the package!

So here are some fun-and-flirty Valentine's Day hairstyle ideas that I think are ideal for the occasion:

Valentine's Day Hair!

Dress up a chignon

After doing some research, this is probably going to be the hair style I am going to choose for this Valentine's Day. It's very basic, yet elegant. The great thing about doing a chignon is you can easily incorporate a Valentine's Day flower (rose, carnation, daisy, etc.) at the nape of your neck, or behind your ear with this hair style. It can add a bit of playful sophistication and romance at the same time.  

There are a few ways you can do this elegant hairstyle:
1.  You can simply create a low bun by twisting the hair into a knot or a roll and then pin it at the nape of the neck.
2.  For a more detailed chignon:
a.   Wash and condition the hair.
b.   Use a quarter-sized amount of styling cream and distribute it through the hair. Work the product in with a wide toothcomb.
c.   Blow dry. Section off parts of the hair, and use hot rollers or a medium-barrel curling iron to individually curl each strand. Work  around the client’s head until all hair sections are curled.
d.   Once the curls are set, fasten each curl securely with pins.
e.   Mist lightly with hair.

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Valentine's Day Hair!

Go with the chic curls

Opt for soft, bouncy curls if your clients want to keep their hair down for the holiday. Personally, my hair is very straight and curls don't stay curled for long in my hair. For your clients that have hair like mine (straight and hard to curl) I just read an interesting tip you can do that may help:

After you are done curling each individual strand, pin up the strand on your client's head and let it cool there. After the curls are cooled, untwist them with your finger and let them down. Use a maximum hold hairspray to make sure they will be looking good all day/night.


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 Valentine's Day Hair!

Madame de Pompadour

Every time I see this hair style I automatically think of Kirsten Dunst in Marie Antoinette.  Her curly pompadour (toward the beginning of the movie, before her hair is a mile high) is very romantic and classic.  This hair style can be worn completely up or you can have some fun and play it half up and half down.  It's another hair style I thought would be both playful and flattering because its swept look opens up the face.

1.   Take a section of your client's hair from the forehead to the crown (this will be backcombed later.)
2.   Pull the rest of the hair into a ponytail.
3.   Starting at the hairline, back-comb a one-inch section with a fine-toothed comb.
4.   After you are done with each section, gently set it down on your client's head.
5.   Using a bristle brush, lightly smooth back the hair to create a swooped-back bang look. Push the hair forward a little to add some poof. Pin in place.
6.   Hairspray!!
7.   With the loose hair you can braid it, clip it up into a chignon, whatever you prefer.  Or, you can tuck it under.

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Play up the accessories

I feel like some hair styles aren't complete without the perfect accessory. If your clients are looking to play up the hairstyle you have given them, you can recommend a flirty pink and red headband, clip or a real/fake flower to add a little pizzazz.

 Valentine's Day Hair!Valentine's Day Hair!
 Try out a fake/real flower accessory Try out a pink headband or bow


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Va-Va-Valentine's Day Volume

Everyone wants to look like a bombshell on Valentine's Day so for your clients with limp hair, make sure you add that VOLUME!! 

Hope these hair style tips gave you some ideas for Valentine's Day!
Until next time!

Lauren <3



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