Finding Inspiration

byFaatemah Ampey | July 10, 2011

When I was asked to open the NAHA ceremony with an artistic presentation the inspiration came instantly.

My presentation was about finding inspiration and the magical moment that happens when an artist finds it. I wanted the audience to feel this experience.
Finding Inspiration

I had five minutes to share my story and I wrote these words on a piece of paper. The whole production evolved from this simple paragraph:

When I'm searching for inspiration there is a push and pull. I'm pushing to be innovative and give the world something new. But pulling back to maintain the integrity so that others can appreciate it. When that push and pull meet in the middle there is a magical moment that happens. For me that moment is 'my symphony' and the compelling force that drives me to do what I do every day. I am addicted to the crescendo.

The piece opened with me making the statement above to the audience. Ballet and a quirky symphony and French couture-inspired clothing graced the stage. Photographer Babak stumbled on stage looking for inspiration. One look upon the models and he has found his muse. Now he is driven to capture the perfect image. The models then lure him off stage, only for him to return again chasing that magical moment.

It was great to work with Babak. He is an awesome talent and has great energy. When I thought of the concept I called him immediately. He said "sounds like fun, I'm in!" He gave the piece the impact I need for the audience to feel connected. Indeed, we had a lot a fun!

While returning home on a flight I shared my cresendo blog with a software engineer named David. Initially David thought he had no symphony. David described himself as a "simple, average guy who has moments."

Then he smiled at me and started to make drum sounds. His symphony? "Fanfare For the Common Man." An instrumental composition that starts with a simple drum that crescendos into something greater-just like David.

In closing I ask, Have you found your symphony? What are you waiting for? The world is waiting to experience you!

For the love of hairspray,

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