Eco Savvy
How do you let your clients know about your salon's environmental efforts?

Ask the Experts: How to Let Clients Know About Your Environmental EffortsMarilyn Sadeq

"We are a full-service ‘green' salon that partners with Aveda," says Marilyn Sadeq, owner of Willo at the Fountains in Roseville, California. "We are an alternative salon business dedicated to green living and promoting wellness for our guests. This quest to bring out the beauty in our guests through genuine care, differs from beauty industry norms.

"We do this by creating an environment that is toxic free-from the products we use to carefully evaluating how we can have the least impact on our planet's fragile resources. We spread the word to our community by sending out weekly e-mails. "Our salons are 100-percent wind powered, have bamboo flooring, low VOC paint and recycled computers. We give salon tours about our eco-friendly efforts and 90 percent of our lighting is smart lighting. We also use eco-symbols in our marketing (business cards, menus, etc.) Digitally, we update our Facebook page on a daily/ weekly basis with our eco-activities and pictures-visual marketing is key to us."

Ask the Experts: How to Let Clients Know About Your Environmental EffortsJai Caron LeNoir
"We connect the ‘green' in every way," says Jai Caron LeNoir, owner of NOIR The Studio in Charlotte, North Carolina. "We let our clients know at every encounter how we reduce and sustain beautifully. "NOIR is all about digital evangelism. Booking systems are mobile-accessible, all collateral is produced with recycled materials, and we promote digital connections over paper. Traffic is driven to our site through creativity-QR codes, social media and exclusive web-only promotions keeps our online presence connected.

"Every visit with us begins with an open dialogue about changes. Any changes with work/life balance, health, stress management and activities are significant and we take great pride in being able to address concerns with positive solutions. We are plugged-in and partnered with Paul Mitchell for their environmental philanthropic efforts, DHD by Nat Lewis-a local company with incredible performance and a small carbon footprint, and Onesta-a product company that is chemical-free and environmentally kind (we are preparing for Onesta's Project Live Green Certification).

"Our artistry is only enhanced by our commitment. Our guests immediately recognize the benefits and appreciate the small steps that make our work and living environment safer for us all."

Ask the Experts: How to Let Clients Know About Your Environmental EffortsAnna Craig
"We are an eco-friendly salon and spa located in a suburb outside Austin, which is known for its tremendous green efforts," says Anna Craig, owner of Trashy Roots Salon & Spa in Round Rock, Texas. "Clients are greeted with our ‘eco-friendly product' information as soon as they enter our door.

"The salon decided to switch to all eco-friendly products: Pravana, DevaCurl and Surface. We constantly educate our clients on our environmentally friendly products and their benefits. We try to conserve as much energy as possible; like only running full loads of laundry and turning off appliances, lights and air when the salon is closed.

"The salon does not do any services that contain formaldehyde or products that contain any unhealthy fumes. Last summer we participated in a program that helped clean up the Gulf oil spill by collecting hair for hair mats. We let our clients know what environmental efforts we are making through posters in the salon, mirror-clings, Facebook, our website and e-mails. By doing media marketing online we do not waste any paper, which reduces trash and destruction of trees."

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