MSTV: Feather Extensions How-To

For those of you who are unaware of the new feather extension trend, they can either add subtle or dramatic highlights to the hair. They come in an array of colors, are sold in lengths of 8-16 inches, and can be cut, washed, flat ironed and styled just like regular hair. They usually last for about three weeks.

At Pink Hair Salon they use Featherlocks, which can be applied simply to the hair. For application, you need a high quality copper ring lined with silicone (to ensure no hair damage), three microbead color choices, lightweight pliers for easy application or removal, and a loop tool to thread the bead onto your client's hair. Want to learn how? See the steps below:

MSTV: Feather Extensions How-To


1. Put your desired colored bead onto your loop tool. Use a lighter colored bead for lighter hair and a brown or black bead for darker hair.
2. Park off the location you want the extension and grab 1/4" square section of hair.
3. Pull the section of hair through the loop tool and slide the bead onto the hair.
4. Place your finger under the bead to make room for the feather and then slide it into the bead.
5. Beginning about 1/4" down from the scalp, clamp down onto the bead with pliers and you're done!
6. To remove the feather hair extension, use the pliers to clamp the bead in the opposite direction.

Pink Hair Studio charges $12 per feather extension. To see what other salons are charging visit

To watch the actual process of applying a feather hair extension, watch the latest episode of MODERN SALON TV right now!

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MSTV: Feather Extensions How-To
**All feather combinations shown in this article are from Featherlocks Feather Extensions

MSTV: Feather Extensions How-To Warm bronze, magenta, mint, amber, midnight, lemonade...

These are just a few of the names of feather extension combinations that MODERN SALON'S Social Media Editor Alison Shipley witnessed when she visited Pink Hair Studio in Bloomingdale, Illinois recently. After all of the feedback MODERN has received on our Facebook page about the hot new trend, Alison thought it would be helpful to visit a salon who was offering feather extensions, learn the service, and then show it to all of you on the latest episode of MODERN SALON TV!  

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