Assistant, Salon Gregories, Newport Beach, CA

Licensed: 2011, Golden West Cosmetology School, Huntington Beach, CA

First job: Assisting my dad, Dusty Simington.
Clients per week: Still earning my spot on the salon floor!

Women of Style: Giovanna SimingtonWhy did you choose beauty? I grew up in a family of hairstylists. I always have had a passion for the industry.

Milestones: Graduating beauty school in June; competing in my first hair show; winning NAHA 2011 for Student Hairstylist of the Year


Big break: Winning NAHA, definitely.

Career advice you have received: From my dad--to constantly educate yourself because our industry is always evolving and you never want to be "stuck."

Career advice you have given: To students, telling them to "just go for it.” You only gain experience through every new thing you try.  

Are there benefits to being a woman in beauty? I don't like to think that being a woman in the industry gives you an advantage of any sort. The only thing that should stand out is the work you present and the passion you have for what we do.

Are there challenges for women in beauty? I would like to believe that’s not true.

Risk and reward: I was scared entering NAHA, but the whole experience was exhilarating. I definitely plan on entering again.

Famous woman you would like to style: Lady Gaga. She is always so unpredictable.


The next change to my personal style: My hair color! Red hair would be fun for fall.

Playlist: “Look at Me Now” by Chris Brown, and “Cherry Bomb” by Joan Jett

Important client experience: I had a regular client in beauty school who would come in every two weeks on the dot for color and every four weeks for a cut. She really believed in me and would always say I am going to go very far in the industry. She was with me through the whole NAHA process, and would always tell me there was something special about me that she had never seen before in the years she had been getting her hair done at Golden West Cosmetology. She is an amazing woman and really gave me the confidence I needed through my whole school education process. I'll never forget her!

Every day, just for you: Starbucks!


Working on: NAHA, round 2. I plan on entering every year have already started working on my story boards.

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