Owner, Juan Juan Salon, Beverly Hills, CA

Celebrity Colorist

Licensed: Culver Beauty School

First job: Color assistant to Louis Licari in Beverly Hills



Women of Style: Jennifer JMilestones: Coloring Al Pacino's hair gray for a film and having him call me "a goddess of color;” coloring Julia Roberts for “Ocean's Eleven” and “Ocean's Twelve” and adding to her repertoire of iconic red hair color; getting called to work on the last Twilight movie, "Breaking Dawn."


Career advice you’ve given: "Change the world, one blonde at a time" and “never stop learning your craft.”


To follow in your footsteps, a woman would have to: Let go of her ego. It is important to be 100 percent open and to listen with an open heart.

Famous woman you would like to style: Sarah Jessica Parker. She is not a typical beauty, but a unique one, and she has turned her love of fashion into a career in itself.

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